Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking Back on the November 3rd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on the November 3rd Chapter Meeting

It was election nite in Virginia so the chapter meeting and rehearsal was in the adjoining Jeff Houston School. We are so lucky to have it next door, available thanks to our sponsoring group Alexandria Rec Dept., with free parking.

Seems like all the guests and new guys had no trouble finding the entrance around back. And there were a lot of guests again. We set up a guest sign in station and gathered a supply of guest books from next door since we were not in our regular chorus home.

As usual there were many things happening in the hall before the 7 pm singing start – CAMERON STATION practicing; stage presence review on the stage in the all purpose room; sale of holiday script cards for members to use in buying holiday turkeys or hams or gifts or groceries in general (plan ahead to make it easy for yourself this season and help the chapter raise funds); ticket matters for this weekend’s show and afterglow; quartets singing; and leaders taking care of the usual paperwork to keep things rolling.

Tony Colosimo took the leadership for the musical warm up session. Then Director Joe took over to launch work on songs for the show. He welcomed the many guests and applicants and former members, and invited them to sing on the ends of the risers so they didn’t get trampled with the up tune stage moves. He also cheered for the success of the web cast plan for Sunday’s show.

He ran the show from start to finish so production folks could time the songs and know how things will flow on stage. It also was a time for front row to adjust to the available space for their routines. (Speaking of the front row – YeEd noticed the knee pads are back for the many drops to the floor for our new opener!)

Show producer Ken Rub read the mc script for Rick Taylor who will do the honors on Sunday. Hard to read projected adlibs that Rick will likely use and make it funny. Nice try Ken. Great to have fellow Harmonizer Rick to be our mc for this important show.

CAMERON STATION sang a couple of new songs for us as part of the show run too.

Next the musical leaders took time to review and drill “Meeting Here Tonight” so guys could get more comfortable with the flow. There was also time for the front row to practice alone for awhile and then rejoin the riser singers for a final time on it.

Before break, Bob Rhome stepped in for Mark Klostermeyer who was not back from his meeting yet. Jack Cameron offered to get pictures for anyone who wants one and didn’t order one from the district contest – just see him.

Secretary Buechler presented Josh Roots with his 3-year renewal card. And Chris reported that two members we don’t see often had renewed – Bill Clark and Neil Bibbens.

Craig Kujawa reported on the 10 for 10 challenge including that we have lost a total of 188.8 pounds. Some guys lost 20 or more! Congrats to all. Phil Ferguson’s team is in the lead at this point.

Dan O’Brien, our membership guy, welcomed 10 guests!! Tom Hutton, who is leaving the area and moving to Seattle, brought two guests so as to help fill his space on the risers after he is gone.

After break, the chapter meeting included many announcements for the show. First was a reminder of the rehearsal Saturday from 1 – 4 pm at the same place the guys went last week for the combined rehearsal. Singers should see the Performer’s Guide Ken Rub emailed for other details for the show such as parking, meal plans, uniforms.

Then it was back to work on the fall show. Lots of review and work on the songs we sing with Pride of Baltimore chorus. Soloists were auditioned or invited to sing in various songs for that show as well. (Good to see many guys volunteer and give it a try.)

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)