Friday, June 3, 2016

Looking Back on the May 31st Chapter Meeting and Southern Division Contest May 27-28

We all knew there was plenty to do in order to be totally prepared for the retreat this coming weekend with David Wright and Cindy Hansen (a recent addition to the coaching staff this weekend), so guys arrived early and filled the risers.

Good crowd of guys came to the presentation review with Chuck McKeever.  Set up crews had the room ready and the AC was working overtime that caused some folks to grab jackets (but no one complained).

Choreographer Carlos Barillo spent the opening part of the evening helping us get a handle on the emotions of the ballad.  He used a new exercise which included playing instrumental music and we suggested our thoughts as to the message of the song (this does not do justice as an explanation of the successful exercise – YeEd). 

Following this we worked on the contest songs with Director Joe Cerutti  – mostly as a follow up to the recent vocal studios that each member attended at Durant with Joe or associate director Tony Colosimo.

Carlos had another chunk of time teamed with Joe on the songs.

Executive director Terry Reynolds conducted the chapter meeting time: watch for an email from retreat chairman Chuck McKeever and be there for the 8 pm start on Friday June 3rd at Mc Daniel College in Westminster MD.

Director Emeritus Scott Werner will be with us on Tuesday, June 7th, to practice the 20-years-ago-today entrance in our package. 

The vocal studios mentioned above were useful, so there will be optional studios on Thursday June 9th  at Convergence Church at 7, 8 or 9 pm  Stay tuned for details.

Casey Belzer, president of the Class of 2016, invited us all to attend his middle school choir concert on Wed. nite June 1st at Washington Middle School at 7:30 pm.

Recent visitor and fan of the chapter, Rob Langston, is taking photos for us during these weeks leading up to International.

President Randall Eliason reported on the results of the Southern Division contest.

Thanks to Alan Wile and Dixie Kennett for gathering Harmonizer news at the M-AD Southern Division contest held in Reston at the Hyatt weekend of May 27-28.  The chapter did not have to sing this year as we have earned a bye as current district champ headed to International this summer.

But we did have some quartets in the contest with Harmo members. Third place quartet was HANDSOME REWARD with John Reese, Mike Edison, Vince Lynch and Michael Gilmore. MISFIRE was seventh in the contest with Jay Sorenson, Brian Ammerman, Litic Muirali and Matt Doniger.

Some of our guys sang in choruses on Saturday including John Santora, Bill Colosimo, Al Hannenbaum, Jim Lake and Austin Cotton. Division chorus champ is Anne Arundal chapter directed by TJ Barranger.  Fun to see so many former members in quartets, in the choruses and helping manage the contest and convention.

Chapter members helping operate the contest included judges Chuck Harner and Tony Colosimo; contest emcees Shawn Tallant and Dennis Ritchey; operations team members Carl Kauffmann and Mike Kelly; and M-AD board members Bill Colosimo, Dennis Ritchey, Bob Eckman, Keith Jones, Chuck Harner.

Thanks to our neighboring chapter, Fairfax, who served as hosts for the weekend.

During the chapter meeting on Tuesday, chapter secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Tim Buell for 12 years and to Howard Nestlerode for 41 years.

Before our break, director of membership Rich Hewitt  introduced our guests and applicants present.  He also called for the Class of 2016 to come forward so we could do a bandana check – they passed with 100% of them showing their colors!!

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd