Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Looking Back on the April 28th Chapter Meeting

(Thanks to Alan Wile for taking notes last week so we could have a record of things from the chapter meeting.  YeEd was on travel in the Dominican Republic.)

By 6 p.m. Chuck McKeever was set up to help a bunch of guys with their choreography for the contest set.  Meanwhile, Bob Blair and Todd Ryktarsyk were performing corrective surgery on a set of risers outside; others were setting up inside; the front row was going through its paces in one of the breakout rooms; the “wranglers” were conferring with themselves and those they are helping with costumes for international; and Rich Hewitt was welcoming guests.

Warmups were conducted by Carlos Barillo, Reed Livergood, and Don Dillingham, before turning the evening over to director Joe Cerutti.

Joe noted that many new members probably would not know the music we plan to sing at the Armed Forces Day show … saying that’s OK but encouraging any who would like to learn one/some/all to do so.

He also noted that we’ve got lots to do in the next weeks and months and said he will expect extreme discipline in order to focus on all the new music and the international contest set.  He praised the chorus, reporting that the recent recordings were incredibly good.

He praised Peelee Clark on his West Potomac High School show (The Addams Family) and star, David Jarzen (and his powerful voice), encouraging chapter member attendance.

Then he launched into the uptune tag.  He asked that the last “spoken” line be performed in the upper part of our range and that the final word (“bamboo”) end on an “up” voice for maximum effect. Next we worked on the ballad – both vocal and visual.  Carlos reminded us that the beginning should have no body movement, with hands/arms at our sides and introduced some new concepts.

At the break, run by Todd, president Terry Reynolds reminded all that the board has adopted an new mission statement and then passed the mic to Josh Roots (chair of our newly established Development Committee) who briefed on a newly designed fundraising program and strategy.

Rich Hewitt welcomed new member Ron Precup and Chris Buechler welcomed John Smith … and presented membership cards to a few who renewed recently.

After the break, Joe worked “Ring of Fire” while the Class of 2015 had a brief séance with Rich Hewitt, Will Cox, and Tom Kern.  They will meet again next week and should have selected a “Class President” by the end of that session.

Next we worked on the following song sequence:

·        “Nat King Cole Medley”

·        “Something About A Soldier” (with choreo)

·        “Battle Hymn”

·        “Tribute to World Peace”


Community Service VP Clyde Crusenberry announced that we’ve been asked to perform at the flag raising of the Alexandria Boat Club (not sure about the name) at the foot of King Street the day following our Armed Forces Day show (i.e., Sunday, May 18th).

Joe revisited the Josh Roots’ fund-raising presentation highlighting its importance and significance, the possibility of (eventually) having a building of our own, etc. 

Terry reported that Jean Wachter has been transferred to another facility but remains frail.  He also mentioned that Michael Schwartz is in the hospital.  Rich Hewitt mentioned that one of our newer members was also hospitalized. 

Terry announced the funeral service for Skip Coburn will be this Saturday (at St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, 727 Fifth St. NW on May 2 at 11 a.m.) AND the vocal and visual studios also on Saturday (at West Potomac High School).


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.