Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking Back on July 22nd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on July 22nd Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The chapter leadership instituted a new schedule for our chapter meeting nite this week. The plan called for social time and purchases etc. from about 6:30 until 7. Since it was pretty new to the troops, it got off to a slow start. But no doubt folks will know, from now on, to come early.

It is also summer and just after International convention, so some folks were absent (and some already en route to judges school or Harmony U in MO). But the risers were pretty full at 7 when the singing and warm up started.

As usual, Director Joe went into action to help Will and Tony jump-start our singing and breathing and vocal techniques. Joe and McKeever and Colosimo worked on reviews such as “Great Day” and “From This Moment On” – homework assignment is to get “Moment” learned and ready to work on!

“Clap Your Hands” work centered on some new off-the-risers exercises to stimulate a better understanding and performance of the rhythm. This number is gonna have a longer shelf life that some recent contest numbers. So guys who did not sing in Nashville should add this one to their homework list.

”Second Star from the Right” also needs homework by the singers. Goal would be to get it ready so we could sing it at Market Square. Neither “Moment” nor “Second Star” will be sung at Ft. Ward this Thurs nite. Chorus is due at 6, show is at 7:30.

As part of the new schedule, the guests were introduced before the break. And Roger had a large crowd to introduce. Some new singer prospects and several guys from other chapters around the nation. That is typical of this time of year when families are on vacation in DC. Bruce Lauther was presented his 22-year membership card.

The break was held to just 10 minutes, so many will want to come early to buy things, and get things done etc. in order to get back on the risers.

The chapter business meeting was held after the break. Bob Blair filled in for Bob Rhome who, according to President Stamps, has had a successful surgery to have three vertebrae fused. Rhome will be back in a few weeks.

Terry Jordan plugged the 60th Anniversary Potluck and Talent Show that will be Sun., August 10th from 2-5 pm at Durant. Basses bring main dish, Leads bring dessert, Baris bring vegetable dish, Tenors bring salad. Chapter will furnish drinks and plates and such. The event will also include a Talent Show. If you or your family members want to be in that show, call anniversary chairman, Terry Jordan -703-406-8742.

Following the break, we sang thru the songs for Thursday nite’s show at Ft. Ward Park. In active members ought to take advantage of this free show. AND all of us could bring prospective tickets buyers to this one to get a “taste” of our good singing and showmanship.

Joe was glad to have a full hour to work on music.

We ended with Jean Stewart winning the 50/50 and she also directed KTWWS! Good job. Thanks to Alan Wile for taking notes for me until I arrived from my work event.

Until next time – editorjack!