Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looking Back on Fall Show & Sept. 30th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on Fall Show and Sept. 30th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The chapter’s fall show was Sept. 26 and 27 at Bishop Ireton Hi School in Alexandria. Theme: The Steamer Trunk. Chorus sang at their A-game the whole weekend. Director Joe raved about their singing. And so did the crowds. There were several standing ovations.

PREMIERE quartet came out of retirement and wowed the crowds too. They got a Standing O both nites on one of their power ballads. Great to see Bill Clark, bass, and Fred Womer, lead – both former members of the chapter who now live in different states. And to have them join Paul Grimes, bari, and Rick Savage, tenor.

BACHELOR PARTY entertained with the fun style too in the show. They are always great reps from within the chapter.

CAMERON STATION had solid hits on all three shows and was also popular with the audiences. Lots of cheers and whistles.

Alan Durick and his wife, Lois, were the old timers who wandered up into their attic on stage and started finding things from the chapter’s past in the trunk. Alan sang in a bunch of quartets and was bari in REMINISCE, who won gold medals as 1995 Intl Seniors Quartet Champs. They came up from the Stanton, VA, area to help us.

There were a lot of men who helped make this show fly – starting with producer Paul Grimes; house manager and sales guy Brian Ammerman; ticket honchos Steve and Nick Murane; sound crew of Kahler, Ritchey and Matt Odell; lighting Dixie Kennett. The FRIENDS IN HARMONY ran their store in the lobby as well as sold goodies, and did the ushering (fun to see so many Harmonizer family members out there working like Erin and Ryan Odell). Another thing I notice at this show – how many chorus members had purchased sponsorships for the show. I think it was over 40 guys who stepped up to help.

Speaking of family, it was fun to run into Dave Ermlick and his wife, Fehr, and two teenage kids in the audience. Last time I saw the kids they were babies. Fehr often sang in our shows when we needed a leading lady.

The music team was proud of the singing and the dress rehearsal on Thursday nite even ended early as the songs were ready! The chapter surprised Director Joe at the Sat nite show and presented him with a K12 framed chorus picture from Nashville. And joined the audience is a robust cheer and applause for the guy out front.

Tuesday nite, Sept. 30th continued the momentum started on the weekend.

Full house early – already sitting on the risers and ready to go at 6:50 pm. The set up crew had put out 11 sections of risers so we could feel what it would be like in Wildwood when we take the stage of 11 sections there. No surprises.

Before the meeting there were a few guys trying hard to make the list and qualify with their SP for the contest songs.

After the good warm up, Joe took charge and set the mood for a nite of solid work. He started with accolades about the show weekend.

The right into “Clap” with moves and all. We are back to 4 benches of guys for front row thanks to hard work to catch up by Joe Sawyer, who looked smooth and ready to win!

A big thank you to Director Joe for the thorough job he did in creating a booklet presenting the visual and musical interp plan for the new ballad. And right off, the guys proved they had done their homework and were into the plan.

“Second Star” will shine bright in Wildwood!!!

There were usual chapter meeting elements to the evening: membership renewal cards for Wayne Adams, 5 years; Mike Schwartz, 14 years and Joe Wagovich, 27 years.

Announcements of all kinds. There is not a rehearsal this Thursday. Bob Rhome passed out a complete booklet of details and times for Wildwood.

Break and back to work on the contest songs.

The evening ended with a gleeful cheer from Joe in respect for the hard work of the men in the chorus.

And then -- no one was present with the winning 50/50 ticket!

Until next time – editorjack!