Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking Back on Jan. 13th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on Jan. 13th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Good crowd this week and great singing. Will did the vocal warm up with all the emphasis on good breathing and listening and singing to ends of phrases. Gary P did the physical warm ups to include clapping and rhythm work, and pressing and other body language drills – playing the mirror game and following Gary’s hands and body language.

There was another different set up in the hall at Durant. All the tables were facing the chorus. An effort to stopping talking and business activity after the singing starts at 7 pm.

Director Joe took over for the hard work on show songs. The revival of “Manhattan” is fun – but harder work for those guys who used to sing it, maybe. Ha. Sectional, with terrific work by section leaders who were prepared and knew what to work on, concentrated on that song and the first part of “Peter Pan” piece.

K12 (our abbreviation for Mark Klostermeyer, the program chief each nite) made announcements: no rehearsal on Jan. 20th, recording session on Jan. 27th (see other emails that went out) in Ft. Washington, MD, SP drills on stage at Durant at 6 pm when we are there with Chuck McKeever, see Bill Depuy if you want and need tickets for the chorus joint show in NYC. And sign up for small group sessions with Gary Plaag for facial expression drills on other nites that Tuesday.

The Music and Performance committee meeting is Jan. 21st at Lee Center. That huge committee with all its responsibilities is chaired by Chuck Hunter.

The important guest nite is Feb. 10th. Bring someone. (Readers of this column who are not active with the chorus right now – how about bringing someone over that nite, or you come on by for a visit to check out the fun we are having on Tuesday nites. If you don’t sing, but want to bring someone who does, you can hang out with Pitzer, Jordan and Hall, who come every week.

Altho we did miss Dick and Carolyn on Tuesday. She had a routine eye operation and Dick reports she is doing fine. But we did miss her selling the 50/50 tickets.

CAMERON STATION, the small ensemble in the chorus, is now holding practices on Sunday evenings. And there are a couple spots open for anyone interested in trying out. See Eric Wallen if you are a tenor or bari that is interested.

Membership guy Dan O’Brien introduced a long line of guests – a couple guys had already turned in applications. Also Tim Brooks, lead of third place quartet last year, STATE LINE GROCERY COMPANY, was in for business and came over to see and sing with us.

I noticed that last nite was the meeting of the FRIENDS group who came into the hall after having dinner at Hard Times café.

Also heard that a former member, Hodges Dempsey, died recently. He was about 91 years old. Was a Harmonizer from 56-81.

President Brad Jones gave an update on the recent passing of Janet Ashford, wife of former Harmonizer Phil, and daughter and sister of Jed and John Casey Details about a celebration in her honor will be announced when available

Secretary Buechler was proud to present a quartet registration card from BHS headquarters for HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. That quartet name has been registered by the chapter for over 20 years, I would say, and always is composed of the four chorus section leaders. Currently that is Savage for tenors, Cox for leads, Ives for bari, and Kelly for bass. Congrats.

Ken Fess presented a “teaser” skit about the script for the 2009 Spring Tonic show. Ken White, the wide-eyed new kid on Broadway, Gary Mankin, the “Don” who makes him an offer he can’t refuse. All to show again how good we are at shoehorning songs into a script!

And more about the Tonic: ALERT – if you have ticket customers who will want a reserved seat. There are 700 seats in the Annandale school where we will have that show. 35 % will be reserved.. So, you have been warned to get in your order early for your spouse or partner, or best friends, or former members. The rest will be general admission seats – and Fess explains that members will be issued those tickets on assignment to sell

As mentioned we skipped the 50/50, but Tim Brooks took us out for the end of a great meeting and rehearsal.

Enjoy next Tuesday nite off and use some of it to learn all the new music. The self-improvement taping program is back in place. So singers need to be on top of their game in that regard. And bring recorders.

Until next time – editorjack!