Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking Back on April 15th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

There was a buzz in the air last nite as many former singers came to Durant to get some rehearsal time for the Reunion chorus songs. So there was a lot of greeting (and whispering – who is that guy over there [ha]). It was great to see them all.

The usual frenzy to get things set up for the chapter and chorus.

After warm ups, we did indeed work on the Reunion songs for the anniversary show coming up next weekend.

Then there were sectionals to work on “Ed Sullivan.” Noted that Wayne Adams was helping with the basses. Front row guys and some fill-in helpers worked on how to manage all the props and their timing. And Nick Aiuto was on had to do the “Lady of Spain” solo. What fun.

We had a review of “God Bless The USA”.

Bob Madigan from WTOP Radio, 103.5, was there to tape some singing and did a few minutes chat with Director Joe.

Then there were a lot of reps for “CLAP” with both music and visuals included. Sure seems to be coming along.

The meeting period included announcements about the request of FRIENDS IN HARMONY for all members to bring cookies, bar cookies, snacks and such for them to sell in the lobby at the show. Bring them before Fri nite show at 6 pm or before Sat shows.

Those who need housing in Nashville, see Bob Rhome. Those who need uniform pieces, see Tom Kern tonite.

President Stamps had the hard task of announcing the death on Monday of Mike Gorham. Services will be Tues, April 22, at 11 am at Everly Wheatly. Singers look for email – but likely at 10:30 and wear suit and tie.

Bibens filled us in on chorus call for a good paying gig on April 23rd at Reagan Bldg. about 9 pm for the Aircraft Electronics Assoc. Thanks to salesman Bruce Lauther.

Saddest news of the nite was only 30% of tickets sold for the three shows this coming weekend.

Bob Sutton filled in for the ailing Roger Day as membership guy – he welcomed former members back to sing, and several guests.

Secretary Buechler recognized Andy Smith for his 32 years of membership; and presented Bob Mattes with his membership packet. Bob is a dual member from Dundalk.

After the break (there was a big effort to keep it to 10 minutes) the chorus sang “Battle Hymn” and then did a chunk of work on “I Love You Truly” and also “Kiss de Girl” and “Music of the Night.”

A new item was on sale tonite – a 60th anniversary wrist watch. Much like the ones we had a few years ago, and only $20 for man’s or woman’s size. Sale continues thru April 29th. Order goes in on May 1st. Members and former members and guests may buy one too. They will be on sale at the show.

Busy nite for the Harmonizers. With more to come just like it. HURRAY!

Until next time – editorjack!

Chorus Notes #16 - Chapter Meeting April 15, 2008

Special Thanks to Dean Rust for this week's chorus notes!

A Place on the Risers for You

- "There will always..." (beginning): connect the sounds, enunciate, no mush mouth, shoot for "ways".

Side by Side

- Learn the song; listen to the recording; bring the music if you need it next week; if you don't know it, don't sing it.

- Intro: tall vowels, lots of support, use whole instrument, all four parts sing "side" when tenors come in. Crescendo the last "side."

- "See that sun in the mornin..": sing it out, needs a lot of energy after the strong intro.

- "Peeking over the hill...": "Peeking" with a "P".

- Lead, "Through all kinds of weather..." (ms 33-34): Get the melody line right, it's different than some are used to.

Climbin Up the Mountain

- "...was a mighty day. Oh Lord" (m 40, key change): "day" is a quarter note, go right on to "Oh".

- "... didn't come here for to stay." (ms 43-44, after key change): straight, not syncopated.

Ed Sullivan

- Watch Will - follow his tempo - don't get distracted.

- Sing out on the "dum dah dah, dah dah dah dum dah dah..."

- Bass: Let's hear the "bm's"

God Bless the USA

- Big sound when chorus enters and then sustain the intensity.

- "ones who died"

- Bari, "and defend her still today": like violins

Clap Yore Hands

- "Clap-a yore hands (m 29, etc): connect the sounds, got to hear the "c" on clap but make it quick and crisp.

- "shake yore shoe time" (m 41): three hand flicks on "shake yore shoe" but no floppy fingers.

- "Come on you children gather around" (Bass solo, ms 63-64): Bass, bring it home, connect the sound, stay on top of the pitch on "round; Lead: on "woe" need presence, but not too loud.

- "(and we will) lose ...called the Voo doo!" (ms 66-69): must be together on "lose"; give a huge punch to "Voo doo."

- "On the sands of time..." (2nd time, ms 71-72): remember to sway, rows 2-3 start to the left, rows 4-5 start to the right, time the sways so you don't stop until "trouble".

- "hands", last chord: no "z", make the "nds" quick.

Battle Hymn

- "Brum" - roll "r" but don't sound the "r" and the roll of the "r" comes before the beat.

- Think subdivide during the intro.

I Love You Truly

- Know where "do" is.

- Watch Joe's hands; make all breaths inaudible; no blank faces; connect with your sweetheart through Joe.

- Baris, "Coming home": Show your pride.

- "Coming home to you.": same vowel on "to" and "you".

- Bass, "sweetheart" (m 14): press through the sound on the slide on "sweet".

- "I love you truly" (ms 17-18: need absolute precision on the entrance, start with an "h" and turn the dipthong together, sustain the energy into the "l" of love.

- Bass, "feel you are near" (ms 27-28): higher on half-step up on "near."

- " your side to stand" (ms 38-40): watch Joe for growth in intensity on "stand" in preparation for "Gone."

- "Gone" (m 41): The "G" needs to be on the pitch and from the heart, not hard; target is "aw"; make it a big chord, but not with loud singing, keep it bright and forward.

-" the sorrow." (ms 41-42): sustain the intensity through the phrase.

- "For you love me truly" (ms 45-46): quick turn from "tru" to "ly"; Bass, higher on the jump up on "tru."

Kiss the Girl

- "Sha la la la don't be scared you got the mood prepared..." (ms 56-58): with anticipation, sustain energy on "scared" and "prepared", don't hit them and then back off, ditto on subsequent phrases.

- "You got to kiss the" (ms 77-78, near the end):sing out on these barbershop chords.

Music of the Night

- pull pitch off the last note of the recorded intro which is "ti".

- Beginning: the different vowels being sung need to be distinct.

- "Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender' (ms 21-22): no break and Bass bring some emotion to "tremulous"

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Learning Tracks available

Gentlemen,Tony has provided the Last Kids Picked recording of Mona Lisa that has the interp/breathing that he wants in that song. Get it in the Mona Lisa learning track folder. It is labeled "Mona Lisa for the harmonizers". Also now posted are complete learning tracks for Side-by-Side and Climbin Up the Mountain. Brad