Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking Back on August 18th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on August 18th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Tuesday nite was a busy, hardworking, big crowd nite. At 6 pm, McKeever was at work teaching some newer members some moves for songs we are using in shows. A crew was at work getting risers ready and set up.

As is typical in the fall season, the line up of people selling things was full. Entertainment Books sold by Harner, script cards sold by the Halls (guys need to remember to buy them in advance when you are getting a big gift, refurbing a kitchen or room, going on vacation), 50/50 tickets by the Halls too, and the first sign that White House Ornaments were on sale again by Sandy Stamps. Our goal is to sell 4,000 of the 2009 ornament – most we have ever sold, according to Mick, is 3,750.

Also saw a crew of guys dismantling the crate that we used to ship our “benches” for contest set in Anaheim.

Will Cox lead vocal warm ups and Mike Kelly did bass warm ups. Early in the evening there was a plug for guys to make self-evaluation recordings to be turned in to their section leaders.

When Director Joe took over, he sent the chorus into 10 minute sectionals to work on “It Don’t Mean A Thing.” He surprised guys by calling them out to sing it in octets. And each guy got a gift from Joe (a CD with former REVILLE quartet).

Then he had the chorus sing it and added some visual and musical interp to make it even more fun as we prep it to become an entertaining comedic tune for our shows.

At the end of the first half, K12 announced birthdays (we sang happy birthday to Carolyn Hall) and reminded the board of their meeting. Secretary Buechler reminded members to pay their dues on time, especially if they plan to sing in the fall contest. He also offered name tag pins for those who need to repair.

Dan O’Brien plugged the guest nite on Sept. 15. There were several strong points made about the need for a large crowd that nite. Dan thanked Kujawa, Sawyer and Wallen for doing a quartet gig with him this past weekend and earning some money to use in paying for advertisements for the guest nite.

As usual we had a large line of guests including two former members: Pat Duffey and Steve Matuszewski.

CAMERON STATION sang one of their new songs for us.

Regular announcements included a final plug by Rhome for men to speak with him before next Tuesday if they don’t have a ticket or room for the fall contest in Lancaster, PA, Oct. 2 and 3. Sandy Stamps introduced the WHO sale. Terry Reynolds plugged the self-recording project.

Tom Kraus introduced a new plan to form another small group within the chapter to do contemporary a capella music. Watch for details and/or contact Tom direct. Auditions for the group will be Sept. 9th at Harmo House (in case you are new, that is Joe’s house).

A report was given to the entire chorus from the recent repertoire committee. We will now have just 15 songs in the list. One new song gets added, it replaces another. The committee has met recently and their visual report shows how some of the songs will go away and others will be added. The prospects include some great and exciting David Wright arrangements include “Stars and Stripes.” YeEd noted that “Danny Boy” will be coming back for our audience pleasure. The whole list will change over a couple years. The committee chair is Keith Jones, with Eric Wallen and Joe Sawyer.

Joe S. was thanked for his computer work in get the learning materials prepared for one of the new songs being added for the joint show with the Pride of Baltimore chorus on Nov. 8th.

President Brad Jones was pleased to announce a joint show with Westminster Chorus from CA on June 27th – on the way to the 2010 International convention!! Should be an exciting weekend since everyone will want to see them. YeEd suspects we might be called upon to host them in our homes as we have done over the years with other chapters who came to sing with us like Dallas VM, Cincinnati Western Hills, Entertainmen from Sweden, Big Apple from Manhattan.

Brad also presented more “Stars” to members – Drew Fuller for service as clearing house for quartet gigs that come to the chapter, and Jack Cameron for his every-year coordinating sales of chorus contest pictures.

Special treat was appearance by DOWN A FOURTH quartet – Sawyer, Cerutti, Kelly, Adams.

The rest of the nite was hard work including some first shots at “In Harmony” we will sing with PRIDE. There was a lengthy review session and drill on three songs to be used at Dogs Days, Tuesday Aug. 25th in Manassas.

This is the annual get-together of all the chapters in the area hosted by Prince William County Chapter. Inactive members are encouraged to come out too. Show is at 7 pm. Alexandria usually sings last, so don’t skip if you have to work late. Get there. It is part of the Harmonizer culture to participate and sing at this event. It is fun. Bring family or prospective singers. At Sacred Heart Church, 12875 Purcell Rd, Manassas. Refreshments provided too in their air conditioned hall. Lots of easy parking. Chorus is wearing the teal travel shirt outfit. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Until next time – editorjack!