Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking Back on June 17th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on June 17th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The call to the risers was a few minutes early this week since there was so much to do and most of the troops were already sitting or standing on them!

Tony took charge right away and implemented the serious and important warm up exercises we learned at the retreat.

Then Chuck used “Danny My Boy” tag as a learning exercise to utilize the better singing skills learned at retreat.

Director Joe plowed thru the Anaheim package songs really fast – just so the troops get a chance to work on them as an ensemble. He is counting on all to be working on them at home!

Terry Reynolds checked on his buddies on the risers to see how many had made their goal of 15 minutes a day working on this year’s contest package. Great results!!! Keep it up guys.

Then we did the contest package. And introduced coach Kirk Young. (Also introduced Burt Szabo who had been at Harmony College East this past weekend and as he usually does, he came to see us before going back to FL. He usually stays with Wachter.)

Kirk jumped right in to work on many little details that now pop out since the chorus had made many improvements in big things and is singing and performing well.

During the chapter meeting, members were invited to sign a get well card for Fred King.

Regarding Nashville: the annual chapter member convention book, prepared by Dixie, was distributed. Reminder that there is a rehearsal this Thurs at Jeff Houston school next door. And that the send off is on June 24th at Durant. Guests and former members should come about 8 to cheer and see the package. There were shirts to pick up if you ordered one from Roger Day. There were uniform parts, including a new tux shirt for this year’s contest chorus to get from Tom Kern AND any other clothing items you need like the Harmo bow tie. Jack Cameron has extended the chance to order and pay for chorus photos from Nashville – see him by the 24th.

Roger Day gave emphasis regarding uniform plans for Nashville. He stressed that the new blue casual shirt with kaki pants and black accessories is only for official functions. He stressed that you try on the new tux shirt from Tom so if you need a different size you can get it Thurs nite. TOM is gone next week! And be sure you press the new shirt.

Button covers will be used with the new tux shirt. So there is a call to all former members to bring in their’s. And current members who have one or two extras – they will be needed too. See Roger.

Keith Jones needs all members (any member gets a ticket even if not singing in the contest) to pick up or speak up for their ticket for the Togetherness Breakfast on Fri in Nashville. And to buy any extra tickets for friends or guests. Need to clean that up on 24th!!

I was told that the Harmo schedule in the convention packet has some time changes etc. compared the early bird edition published by our chair Rhome. So be sure you take note.

Secretary Chris gave a second Man of Note award to Vince Cazenas for bringing a man into the Fauquier Chapter. And Bob Sutton got a certificate for having brought ten men into the BHS.

Roger introduced the guests.

And then after a good break we worked hard the rest of the nite on the contest package with our coach.

Until next time – editorjack!