Thursday, December 5, 2013

Looking Back on the Nov. 29th Tree Lighting Sing Out and December 3rd Chapter Meeting

The Harmonizers were honored to sing for the City of Alexandria Tree Lighting on Friday nite, Nov. 29th.  It was mighty cold when we warmed up across the street from the Market Square performance stage.  There were over 40 of us decked out in colorful sweaters and scarves and nifty hats of all kinds.  Associate director Tony Colosimo was up front for us and did a great job welcoming the audience participation.  Shawn Tallant was emcee. Ken Rub and Mark Klostemeyer had admin things under control as to when to go on stage and such.

The city provided some risers – a lot smaller than usual, and so we crunched up and made it work - even the stage presence moves for “Fa La La La La.”

Market Square was packed with people to hear us and to greet Santa and Ms. Claus.  Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille welcomed us and spoke highly of the chorus to the audience.

Many guys ventured out into Old Town after we sang for some dinner and a place to warm up. 

Tuesday nite Dec. 3rd was a BUSY rehearsal and meeting.  First off, the riser crew set up just the number of sections we can fit on the show stage at First Baptist, so we got a feel for how crowded it will be with the huge holiday show chorus we have for 2013!!  It makes our director really proud and Joe expressed it when he started rehearsal.

It was a nite to run thru the scripted show, so we mostly started and stopped to get the flow.  But of course, director Joe Cerutti would not let us slip back into a lower norm on any of the songs, so we worked hard musically.

Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm ups.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds worked with the “monks” on their flip-chart version of the “Hallelujah” chorus before the main meeting began. Early in the nite all the many family members and FRIENDS IN HARMONY who volunteered were introduced. Thanks to all for this extra effort to add some humor and tradition to our show.

Our stage manager for the show, Christina Ammerman, was introduced too. Thanks to her too.

Great to have Steve White bring the sleigh bells his grandfather made for him and play them in our annual show!

As usual, operations vp Bob Rhome took over and conducted the chapter meeting with  alllllllll of the announcements.

He started with word that this week ends the sale of 2014 Entertainment books by Chuck Harner.

Bob thanked Ike Evans and Dave Branstetter for their work in updating the Harmo Photo Board in the hall at Durant.

And Bob reminded members to tell Steve Murane they wanna come to the Presidents’ Award banquet at Durant on Jan. 25th.  All new guys should come too – it is the best way to learn about the chapter and the long-time member/leaders.

President Alan Wile updated us on the families with health issues in the chapter.  And he reported that there had been a donation towards the cost of the Normandy trip – a good idea if you have friends or a company that might wish to help.

Ken Fess reported more on the 2014 trip to France including alerting us that if family members or other non-singers on the trip wanna seat for the barbershop show in Germany, we each have to pay for them.  Be prepared to say how many you want after Jan. 1st.

Scipio Garling reported on all the success we have had in hosting the American Boychoir including a gig at the Scottish Rite Temple, 28900 16th St. in DC on Wed nite.  The choir will be at our dress rehearsal as they will be on our Fri nite show!!  Thanks too for all those who have offered to host one of their singers.

Noah Van Gilder thanked all those who responded to the survey instrument about a possible change in our brand logo.

Josh Roots confirmed some details for the show. There was a list of props requested. He spoke of all those that would meet Wed nite for the Tech Rehearsal. The chorus call on Thrus for the dress rehearsal is 6:30 pm.  The Fri nite chorus call is 6 pm.  Reminder of uniform for third act – black dress shoes and sox, black suit, non-buttondown white shirt, the chorus red tie..

Auction chairman Brad Jones plans to extend the auction online til 11 am on Wed.

And Brad reported briefly on the plans for the singing and desserts we are doing at the store, 10,000 Villages on King Street on Wed Dec. 11th.  Peter Hubbard is helping with the cider and cookie operation.  Brad has lined up a quartet to sing.

Chuck Botts was our only guest for the nite.

Bob Rhome reiterated – two wrapped boxes for the show, four dozen holiday cookies for the show. And get everything out of Durant tonite if you need it before we return to our regular meeting hall on Jan 7th.

Secretary Chris Buechler has Harmo jackets for sale – see him if interested. 

He presented membership renewal cards to Clark Chesser for 4 years and Josh Roots for 15 years.

After coffee and goodie break, there were some instructions given for the waiters and table captains and for the “Twelve Days of Christmas” activity at the shows.

And finally, a reminder that on Dec. 10th we meet at 6:30 at Alexandria Inova Hospital to sing for an hour and then we adjourn to sing our annual Carole Crawl to restaurants in Old Town. If you can’t get to the hospital, find the chorus at Market Square about 8 pm that nite.

On Dec. 17th we sing at the Masonic Temple.  Watch for details.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)