Friday, October 8, 2021

Looking Back on the Oct. 5th 2021 Virtual Chapter Meeting

 Looking Back on the Oct. 5th 2021 Virtual Chapter Meeting


The rain was the big topic Tuesday night, as chapter leadership tried to decide if we could meet in-person (using outdoor time) with the forecast of heavy rain.   It actually did rain in some parts of the DC Metro area but maybe not where Scottish Rite Temple is located!!


But to move things along, the chapter leaders announced just before 4 pm that this week’s meeting would be completely via Zoom .  As it turned out, there were almost the same number of singers present as we have been having in person.  There were several members who can’t attend in person or have been away that were on the call and it was great to see them including Bob Rhome, Jack Cameron, Matt Doniger, Mike Edison, Bob Thames, Adam Afifi, Rick Savage, Duncan Peacock, Reed Livergood and Rusty Orvick!


Since there was not going to be much singing during the evening, there was not an organized warm up session Associate director Tony Colosimo did suggest that there are about 50 lessons or guides for members to use for their personal warm up, or for their quartet, on YouTube.


The music team decided this would be a great week to work on the words and pronunciations of the crazy lyrics on “Trim Up The Tree” from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  Artistic director Joe Cerutti worked with the singers first to say the text several times, then sing it on one note, and at a slow temp and at a performance tempo.  These work sessions were recorded so all members can benefit from reviewing them before next week.  


Also this week, Joe had the men sing “Ave Maria“ which the chorus will bring back for this year’s holiday show.  Here again there was a lot of work to help with pronunciations – in this case the Latin words.


Joe also asked for all singers to complete the holiday show survey before the night was over. That way the music team can assign men to the two choruses that will sing either “Text Me Merry Christmas” or “Fa La La.” The first run of these choruses will be next week.


Next week there will also be work on the last new song for this year’s holiday show – “Joy to the World.” And the singing will begin on “Trim Up The Tree.”


As per the chapter bylaws, President Stan Quick has announced an election of officers and board members for the BHS chapter next week, Oct. 12th.  A quorum is needed for this election.  We expect to meet some of the community members on the ballot that night as well. 


Here is the list of nominees from the nominating committee: Noah Van Gilder (President); Dave Kohls (Vice President); Devin Gerzof (Secretary); Terry Reynolds (Treasurer); Joshua Baumgardner (Member at Large);  John Greene (Member at Large); Carolyn Griffin (Member at Large);  Bruce Roehm (Immediate Past President/Member at Large); and Frank Shipp (Member at Large).  


The Harmo family is reminded of the Remembrance Service for Sandy Stamps which is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 23 at 11am at the Fairfax United Methodist Church, 10300 Stratford Ave, Fairfax VA. Any members of the Harmonizer family will be invited to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “I’ll Be Seeing You,” and “There Must Be A City”  during the celebration.


Our next  Harmonizer Tuesday meeting will be at 7 pm on Oct. 12th, 2021 at Scottish Rite   Temple on Braddock Rd. in Alexandria and will be a hybrid meeting again. There was no in-person afterglow at the Harmo House this week. 


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record for the great things going on each week during the 73rd year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. - YeEd)