Friday, September 27, 2013

Looking Back on the September 24th Chapter Meeting

The whole chapter knew we had a lot of work to do tonite.  So the guys came rolling in to fill 11 riser sections.  Pre-meeting work by the front row with the props was important since there are new singing positions because some men have moved from VA who were on the front row.  Chuck McKeever was helping men who wanna do this fall’s contest who are new members or did not do the Toronto contest.

The usual set up crew worked hard to be ready for the kick off at 6:58 with us listening to the EASTERNAIRS rendition of “Tonight” as we got onto the risers.

Associate director Tony Colosimo lead the warm up exercises.

When director Joe Cerutti stepped up to the chorus, he went right to work on the holiday show music – particularly the new songs we are adding this year.

There was some work on songs for Normandy and then we worked on the contest package.  Some of the work allowed new contest singers to make tapes and review their visual work.  Also during the nite, the visual team filmed us so we can each evaluate ourselves during the week when Chuck sends us the links.

Midway in the evening, operations vp Bob Rhome conducted the weekly chapter meeting and reminded guys to get their updated photo made for the picture board that hangs in the hall each week.  See Ike Evans.

Marketing vp  Scipio Garling announced that the Saturday nite show is sold out, as is the Saturday matinee.  There are just 14 tickets left for Friday nite’s show. 

Chuck Harner is seeking a driver/drivers to get OC contest judges from the airports to the contest venue and their hotel, plus driver/drivers to move the judges around during the weekend there. 

President Alan Wile reported on the progress of Jon Abel who is recovering from a stroke.

Alan also thanked Shawn Tallant and his team for their hard work the last few months in preparing to launch a corporate support campaign for our chapter and the trip to Normandy in 2014.

Then Alan called the room to order for the annual meeting of the chapter and the election of officers. The following slate of officers and board members submitted by our nominating committee (Steve Murane, chair) was elected to serve for 2014 taking office January 1st.  President Wile conducted the election:

President - Terry Reynolds
VP Chapter Development - Jeremy Richardson
VP Operations - Bob Blair
VP Music & Performance - Steve White
VP Shows - Nick Leiserson
VP Marketing & PR - Noah Van Gilder
Secretary - Chris Buechler
Treasurer - Dave Welter
Member At Large 2014-2015 - Ross Felker
Member At Large 2014-2015 - Michael Gilmore
Member At Large 2013-2014* - Joshua Roots
Member At Large 2013-2014* - Greg Tepe
Immediate Past President* - Alan Wile
* - Not up for election

Everyone was reminded of the extra rehearsal on Thursday Sept 26th at First Baptist, 2932 King St., Alex 22302.  Bring your black coat and gold scarf.

Show producer Greg Tepe spoke to the 30 or guys who volunteered to do the “Let Us Entertain You” gig for three senior citizen groups in the Mt. Vernon area of Alexandria, on Sunday 29th.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented new member materials to recently joined guys: Rusty Orvik, a 9 year BHS member from CA, (his Man of Note award went to Patrick Haedtler, lead of the BHS current gold medalists); Todd Ryktarsyk with 8 years in the BHS; and Leo Lestino (Will Cox earned a Man of Note award for bringing Leo.

Then Chris presented membership renewal cards to Ben Roberts for two years; Kris Zinkievich for 13 years; David Hood for 16 years; Dick Dangel for 21 years; Len Dornberger for 29 years; Ken Fess for 29 years; Phil Ashford for 36 years; and Randy Lazear for 39years. Terry Reynolds was presented a 30 year renewal card and his 30-year lapel pin from the chapter.

Trip coordinator for Normandy, Ken Fess, gave an in-depth report and summary of plans, costs, details, shows, and general info for those going on the trip (just shy of 250 going with 112 of them singers). This report was emailed to all.

Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Ken White welcomed and introduced the guests for the evening including a couple new applicants, some barbershoppers from other chapters, and German guests in the US visiting Lew Klinge.

We also welcomed several members who came for the annual meeting and election: Terry Jordan, Adam Bradley, Don Johnson and Jerry TePaske.

After coffee break, it was back to work on the contest package with extra work on visuals with Carlos Barillo coaching with Joe directing and Chuck McKeever making sure to cover details of major moves and focals.  Tony did a good bit of barbershop craft during the work sessions vs. just a craft talk by itself. 

We closed the meeting as usual and rushed to put things away.  Sound equipment and props went on the Harmo truck so we have them for the Thursday nite rehearsal on the 26th.

In other news, YeEd got a note from Chuck Hunter who has arrived at his State Department post safely in Istanbul .  Thanks for checking in. I got here with no incident and have been on the move ever since. Having met the governor and mayor of Istanbul I'm now official and can see anyone else I want. Thursday night I flew to Ankara to participate in a newcomers' briefing there and have a little time with the ambassador and his deputy.”

One of our chapter quartets, FOUR FROM THE HEART, entertained about100 seniors and staff at the Charles-Houston Recreation Center in the City of Alexandria  recently, according to the quartet’s marketing man, Bruce Lauther. The occasion was the 41st anniversary celebration of the Daily Senior Lunch Bunch. The honorable William D. Euille, Alexandria Mayor, was in attendance and greeted FFTH,upon his arrival.  Quartet signers included our president, Alan Wile, Vince Cazenas, Drew Fuller, and Bruce. John Oswald Greene attended too

Planning ahead: note that the quartet contest on Oct. 4th in Ocean City starts at 5:30 pm.  Also you can guess we will need to arrive for rehearsal by 6:30 or 7, YeEd guesses. The actual chorus contest starts at 9 am on Sat. the 5th and the quartet finals starts at 7 pm that eve.

Joe, Terry and Carlos traveled the past weekend to coach the Westchester County New York chapter, preparing for the fall contest too. 

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)