Friday, May 2, 2008

Looking Back on April 29th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

There was a sense of relaxation from the pressure of the show last weekend tonite, but there was a lot of musical work to do. So things rolled along right from the first call to RISERS.

Director Joe had a memory recall session when he had the chorus work on “Armed Forces Medley.” Chuck Hunter incorporated things taught during warm ups in his Barbershop Craft Class.

Then as part of the new plan to get things ready a whole year in advance, Joe had the chorus do a couple sing-thrus of a new ballad destined for Anaheim , “Second Star to the Right.”

Next musical workout was on this year’s contest package and especially the uptune. The visual team had cameras running during this session and later in the evening let the chorus see themselves for a self evaluation of visual.

During the meeting session, President Stamps thanked everyone for their hard work and for making last minute adjustments all weekend.

Alan Wile asked members to consider chapter leadership positions for next year, as he is chair of the nominating committee. A member can self nominate or suggest another member. Those suggestions go to Alan.

Ike Evans invited all to check out the new feature on the Harmo Photo Board – a special section with a picture and bio of new members.

As part of continual efforts to reduce what we have in storage (and thus save money on rental fees for storage units), the tools left over from our “Lazy Bones” package were brought out so they can go back to their original owners.

Gary Bibens was next on tap to express the chapter’s thank you to all the hard workers who did “above-and-beyond” work for the Spring Tonic this past weekend. He was assisted by show business manager, Tom Kraus.

The reunion chorus was a fun addition to the show and was organized by Terry Jordan. (These men sang at one or all of the performances: John Adams, Bud Arberg (who directed one of the songs we sang), Bob Bates, Mike Bell, Geoff Berman, Neil Bibens, Chuck Botts, Alan Durick, Paul Durning, Mike Everard, Mike Geipel, Paul Greiner, Dave Guenther, Allen Hanenbaum, Al Herman, Roger Hinkley, John Hohl (who directed one of the songs we sang), Keith Jones, Terry Jordan, Arthur Lewis, Jack McKendree, Tommy Morris, Dick Newton, John Parkinson, Jack Pitzer, Jeremy Richardson, Paul Ritchey, Burt Stueve, Jerry TePaske, Don Thompson, Bob Wells, Chris Buechler, Bruce Minnick, and J.T. Price.

During the show weekend, Secretary Buechler caught Jerry Kindred in audience to give him his 31 year card, Jim Stockton to give him his 36 year card, and Jeff Taylor to give him his 16 year card. Tuesday nite Chris presented Joel Golden his 3 year card, Dick Newton his 24 year, Dean Rust his 28 year, Chuck Hunter his 36 year and John Hohl his 41 year card.

Also Will Cox was presented his 30 year pin. (Our chapter is likely one of the few that honors membership milestones for its members and buys them a Society pin in recognition of service starting at 25 years.)

Roger Day introduced a cadre of guests who are working into membership at differing stages. He gave a plea for all of us to bring in new guys who would enjoy the hobby. This is a major task for newer guys, but all of us have to ask and invite, then follow up and even bring prospects.

After a good break, there was extended work on “Clap Your Hands” to include integration of the visual plan with good singing.

And finally, a good review of our often used ballad, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

Terry Reynolds won the big pot of money for two weeks of 50/50. Just before KTWWS, Will Winder, a former member who stopped by to say hello while in town to visit family, was introduced.

The Harmonizers have experienced another milestone: a beginner’s barbershop arrangement class for our own members was held off site. Taught by Hohl and Cerutti. Big sign up.

Until next time – editorjack!