Friday, June 14, 2013

Looking Back on the June 1 1th Chapter Meeting

The Harmonizers were hot and sweaty last nite as we plowed hard into raising the bar on our performance package for Toronto.  Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal and rhythmic warm ups in the music suite of First Baptist Church.  Then director Joe Cerutti took the helm and helped us record our two contest songs – gettem while they are hot!!  The usual recording team was working hard to set up and take down the mics and other equipment. Thanks guys. The AC was off as well as the much of the lighting to keep down extra noise, but it was still mighty warm!!


Everyone was so glad to see Dennis Ritchey back for a visit with a new knee in the healing process.  Looking good Dennis!  There were a few other guests too – Dominic Hawkins and Peter, a former student of TJ Donahue’s from Denver. Both guests stopped in to hear and see our contest package. Legendary BHS arranger and coach Burt Szabo was with us again this year on his way to Harmony College East this weekend. (As a reminder, it is not too late to register and attend to take classes and meet lots of other barbershop singers.)


The chorus left the music suite and went down to the main hall of the church (where we have our holiday show) to work with Cindy Hansen, here from Denver to help us.  She was on fire too and helped push us as a chorus and as individuals in our personal performances.  It was great to be a part of it and feel the rising levels.  Tony and Joe worked to make sure we maintained the vocal performance levels from the retreat weekend.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds, choreographer Carlos Barillo, front row captain Craig Kujawa,  and riser coach Chuck McKeever were all busy with tasks to make the nite productive for all.


We did spend considerable time using our coats, so that would not be a surprise to us in Toronto. And the front row repeated and repeated their routines as we sang parts over and over.


Operations vp Bob Rhome, of course, was on top of physical arrangements and conducted this week’s chapter meeting.  President Alan Wile saluted front row guy Ben Roberts who was named Best Actor in a Musical for hi school performers – the presentation was at the Kennedy Center this past weekend! Wow, Ben.


Alan, with comments from Scipio Garling, prompted us all to use the recently distributed show flyer to start getting holiday show ticket orders.  Scipio reminded the members that they should not wait too long for family and friend tickets, as the show is already 25% sold out.


Then Alan announced that he and community services vp Clyde Crusenberry had been to City Hall to receive the 2013 grant from the Alexandria Commission on the Arts for our chapter.  Many thanks for that support as well.


As a reminder of things on the calendar in the next two weeks:


Next Tues, June 18th – we meet back at Durant.  That is our last chance to get uniform parts from chairman Tom Kern out of our storage closet there.


New folks also NOTE that you need to talk to Tom on the 18th about make up kits if you don’t have one, and about the casual shirt uniform we will wear in Toronto.



Same thing for tux and vest and tie etc. for the Jefferson Awards show on June 19th at Arena Stage.  Call time is now 8:30 am.  Best to take the Metro. Come with trousers and shoes and can bring vest and shirt and tie. We may be there until 1 or 1:30 pm.  You can change there if needed.


June 25th is our big dress rehearsal nite at Bishop Ireton Hi School at 7 pm.  Bring friends and neighbors so we have an audience.  We will wear the contest uniform.


Two extra rehearsals before we go to Canada – Thrs. June 20 and 27 at Kena Annex on Arlington Blvd. Watch to correct report times. 


If you are a Metro rider, plan ahead now for rides on 20th, 25th and 27th, as those locations are not near a Metro stop.


Also NOTE that all remaining rehearsals are mandatory attendance.


Before guys left there was the usual business matters such as paying for scrip to use at our hotel in Toronto, ordering contest pictures from Intl thru Jack Cameron, and paying deposits for Normandy to Mick Stamps.


The class of 2013 was readily apparent with their orange bandanas again this week!


As mentioned, we worked hard on the package until about 10:30, then everyone pitched in to reload the Harmo truck.


A good crowd came over to La Portas for an afterglow!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)