Thursday, June 28, 2018

Looking Back on the June 26th International Send Off 

The Harmonizer’s traditional “send off” was a great one.  We often have had a special nite to showcase our new contest package before heading off to an International chorus contest.  This time we used a new location – the Scottish Rite Temple on Braddock Rd. in Alexandria.

The auditorium and it’s stage were just right.  The chorus assembled at the usual 7 pm, and arrived dressed in the black contest uniform.  As each guy arrived, he was issued a new tie and pocket stuffer by Carl Kauffmann to wear with the contest black suit for this dress rehearsal. Our Class of 2018 was allowed to wear their green/blue bandana in a visible way, however!

There were lots of guests and former members who arrived about 7 as well and watched the warm up conducted by associate director Tony Colosimo and the early drills on the songs.  But at 8 pm the doors opened from the lobby and the auditorium was filled up.  So great to see and receive greetings from 30 or more members and former members, plus lots of fans from the area and of course family and friends. 

Before the 8 pm show time, there was a brief chapter meeting.  

Convention chairman for our chapter, Craig Kujawa, had a few item: members should contact Craig if they have registrations for Orlando that are not gonna be used or if you need some; everyone is encouraged to bring goodies and sodas and such on June 28th to put in the Harmo truck as supplies for the Harmonizer HideAway; and finally, Craig reminded everyone about how and where to get the tickets for the Togetherness Dinner on Thurs. July 5th in Orlando.

If you are one of the 82 members of the chapter in the Orlando competition chorus, it is assumed  you will attend the Togetherness Dinner and your ticket will be distributed to you at an Alexandria or Orlando rehearsal.

If for some reason you will not be attending the Dinner, the chapter does not want to pay for you, so please let the Contest Director know of your intended absence by e-mail ( by 11:59 p.m., on Sunday, July 1st.

Members of the chapter NOT in the competition chorus who wish to attend the Togetherness Dinner must request their ‘free’ ticket by e-mail to no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 1st.

Tickets requested on time by chapter members not in the competition chorus will be available for pickup in Orlando at the beginning and end of the Wednesday or Thursday morning rehearsals in Orlando.

Guest tickets are available to chapter members for $25 (regardless of age).

Pay by PayPal: Send payment to and then forward your payment confirmation to In PayPal, ensure you select the option for ‘Send money to friends or family’ and put ‘Togetherness Dinner Guest Ticket(s)’ in the Memo field.

Pay by Check: Checks payable to ‘Alexandria Harmonizers’ will be accepted at the June 28th rehearsals.

Guest ticket payments for non-local members will be accepted in Orlando.

Steve Murane asks anyone with problems regarding the black suits to contact him on Wed. June 27th.

Also everyone who was issued the new gray suit and vest are supposed to bring those items to the rehearsal on Thurs. June 28th at Scottish Rite Temple. Be sure they have the chorus member’s name on them.

The new ties and pocket stuffers were issued.  Payments will be collected after Orlando.  Contest chorus members should be certain they have one.

Frank Fedarko is the guy to see if you intend to buy a chorus photo from the contest next week.
Fall show ticket chairman Ian Poulin reports that consignment tickets will fill about half of the house at Schlesinger on Sat. Sept. 8th at 4 pm.  

President Shawn Tallant reported that Bob Wachter is indeed still in the hospital with immune system problems, and Mike Everard is having circulatory issues and is at home.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented Ken Rub with his 26 year membership renewal card.

After the lobby full of guests got seated, Terry Reynolds welcomed everyone and set up the scene for the contest. Director Joe Cerutti and the chorus did their first run of the package.  After the cheers and whistles and applause ended, Joe thanked the great enthusiastic crowd.  Then he announced that the chorus would sing a few other songs for their enjoyment.

As Joe introduced each song, he added appreciation to many on the music team for their efforts including choreographer Carlos Barillo, associate director Tony Colosimo, assistant directors Terry Reynolds, Chuck Hunter, Mike Kelly, and emeritus Will Cox.  Section leaders are Brian Ammerman, Reed Livergood, Chuck Hunter, and Andrew Havens

Joe also explained some about the songs we sang and thanked the soloists: “America,” “There Must Be a City” with Frank Fedarko; “Deep River” with Andrew Havens; “Bring Him Home” with Tony Colosimo; and “All You Need Is Love” with Clyde Crusenberry and Kevin McKenzie.

Then we did the contest package again.

After the singing, all guests and members were invited to the dining room for refreshments organized by Jack Pitzer with help from Dale Bird and Gary Cregan. It was a great social time for members and guests. 

A good crowd of folks did make it over to the afterglow. 

Until next time – editorjack! 

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd