Saturday, August 17, 2013

Looking Back on the August 13th Chapter Meeting and Market Square Show Aug. 9th

The annual Friday nite summertime performance at Market Square went off without a drop of rain – tho the skies got dark and it seemed like we might get wet. (Long-time Harmonizers were used to threats of rain and recall many years when the show was cancelled right at starting time!)

The riser crew got things set up early and the nearly 60 chorus members arrived by 6:30 for warm up inside city hall (where the AC felt really good since it was about 85 degrees outside). Chorus manager Mark Klostermeyer helped us all get our parking lot tickets approved for free parking.  Our chapter’s a cappella group TBD warmed up and did a mic test. The front row guys did a yeoman job of adjusting their routines based on changes in personnel for this show.

We sang a long list of repertoire songs ending with “Anything Goes” and all its exciting stage presence. Emcees for the evening were Scipio Garling, Shawn Tallant and Noah Van Gilder.  Mike Kelly did a voice-over for “Jersey Boys” and director Joe Cerutti and Doug White did the solos. Assistant directors Mike Kelly and Terry Reynolds helped Joe.

Before we went on stage, we sang “A Place on the Risers for You” to TJ Donahue who is headed back to Denver to resume his successful science teaching career there.  Joe paid tribute to TJ for his major role in making the finale of our contest uptune so spectacular.   A large contingent of folks in the audience were former students of TJ’s who are now working in the DC area and came to say farewell.

There was a larger-than-usual audience to hear our concert as part of the city’s twilight concert series.  Lots of family and friends were there in addition to many who came up from King Street to see and hear what was going on.  As is the tradition, many in the Harmonizer family walked down King Street for dinner or at least ice cream treats. 

Tuesday nite Aug. 13th was a busy rehearsal.  Many men are trying to find creative spots for parking at chapter since the adjoining school building is under construction.

But Chuck McKeever was on the stage at 6:30 teaching moves for the uptune to help those who wanna catch up and sing with us soon. Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm ups for the nite.  He turned the chorus over to director Joe Cerutti.

First off, Joe welcomed some guys we have not seen for a while.  And the chorus was shown the latest BHS Harmonizer cover featuring the chapter and introducing a great article inside by Scipio Garling.

Music work started with songs for the trip to Normandy including “Miller Medley” which most guys have learned or have recalled from the era when we sang it before.  Joe did a pull-out octet to sing it and pledges he will not ask for volunteers next week!

Next we worked on “Circle of Life” with TBD doing the backup part and Tony the solo.

Next Tony took about 10 minutes to reinforce the craft maxims he taught before Toronto.  He helped use the “awesome breathe” one to sing our contest songs.

President Alan Wile then conducted a chapter meeting to discuss and present the latest plan for our singing, after all, at the district contest in Ocean City. It turns out we will sing on Friday nite, Oct. 4th, after the quartet contest ends. 

Mid-Atlantic District president Bill Colosimo spoke to the chapter explaining the district’s reasoning for this particular time slot. The district does appreciate that the chapter will also be the hosts for the convention.


President Wile continued his announcements for the meeting.  Burt Stueve has been in the hospital lately with circulation problems in his legs and feet.  We wish him good health! Alan also reported the recent passing of Dorothy DeHaven, widow of former member Tom DeHaven.  She was 97.


There is a board meeting Wednesday nite at Durant at 7 pm.


Secretary Chris Buechler presented a 25-year membership pin to Tom Griffith; and a name tag and chapter history book to Rusty Orvik, our newest member.  Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Rich Hewitt introduced a large group of guests.


Operations vp Bob Rhome welcomed all to take a 15-minute break.


After that we worked on music for Joe and Bridgette’s wedding til closing time.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)