Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking Back on the Jan. 18th Chapter Meeting

Great crowd this week. Think guys were eager to sing the contest songs and get back to chorus after the bad weather.

We had a special rehearsal last Thursday at the Kena Temple in Fairfax. About 45 guys made it. Will Cox did the warm ups and Director Joe Cerutti worked hard with the singers to drill the contest songs. He was wild again with his laser pointer!

This week included a lot of work too.

Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups and Director Joe chimed in to help build enthusiasm. When he got the reigns to start the rehearsal workout, he set the stage for the work session. He first welcomed our guests with us as contacts for the Carnegie Hall show this year. He welcomed JP Pence back and acknowledged Dixie Kennett’s birthday. And he welcomed Dave Calland who was with us for the evening. Dave was in town for work. Those who recall Dave as our coach were happy to see him again.

Also visiting us this week was the assistant director of the Voices of Gotham in NYC, Eric Engelhardt.

Their were actually a bunch of guests from the local area and some good candidates for membership. Good to see Tim Buell jump in and meet and greet and sign them in until membership vp Phil Ashford arrived. Phil made introductions and gave out “first timer” pins to several.

During the early singing period, Joe asked the group of guests to stand at the side of the risers so we could practice our new moves for “Stars and Stripes” and not stomp on the guests! While they were out of harm’s way, he sang “Meeting Here Tonight” with Chuck McKeever directing the visual review and drill. Joe thanked Chuck for his dedication to the instructional efforts and for conducting the early-bird classes at 6 pm on the stage as a review for guys.

Then it was time for the guests to get back on the risers for the first sing-thru of “That’s Amore” for the chorus.

Then Joe sent the chorus out for half hour sectionals on contest songs.

YeEd noted that Alan Wile had the Harmo Hero and Heroines notebooks on display. The FRIENDS group met tonite and went out to dinner.

When Joe got all parts back on the risers he was pleased to see the progress.

Ops vp Mark Klostermeyer gave the guys a break to get some goodies, buy stuff, sing some tags, and say hi to the guests. After the break we had our chapter meeting.
Secretary Buechler recognized our chapter section leaders quartet, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – Rick Savage, tenor section leader; Tony Colosimo, lead; Ken Ives, baritone; and Mike Kelly, bass. The chapter has registered this quartet for 24 years.

Next Chris presented K12 with his 30 year membership pin. And then renewal recognition for Frank Fedarko, 9 years; Brian Miller, 14 years; Brian Ammerman, 17 years; Drew Fuller, 21 years; Keith Jones, 33 years; and Rick Savage, 37 years.

Singing Valentine co-chair Joe Wagovitch pushed for guys to be forming some quartets for our annual fund-raising event over Valentine weekend. (Also those guys need to be sure they have a chapter uniform too.)

Don Dillingham reminded us all of the Feb. 15th guest nite here at Durant. Get some guests lined up to attend.

Steve Lingo asked all Facebook users to “like” the Harmonizer page.

There is a board meeting on Wednesday eve at Durant at 7 pm.

Then it was back to work singing on the risers. A quote from Joe, “The audience is not coming to hear us breathe”.

And he reminded us of our past greats singing Harmonizer softs. New guys should ask some oldtimers what that is all about.

We closed the hall on time and a huge crowd of guys went to the afterglow at Theisman’s. Eric from Gotham directed KTWWS.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)