Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking Back on the Nov. 16th Chapter Meeting

As usual, when the 6 pm early-arrival-guys got into Durant, they went right to work in preparation for this week’s meeting and rehearsal. Bob Rhome was adding a protective tape on the bottom of our new risers to protect the floor (at least YeEd suspects that what it was for).

Other guys got up the tables, screen, guest chairs, av equipment, and refreshment set up.

Will Cox was warm up man, and he prepared the chorus for Director Joe to take over. Joe, as promised, pulled out an octet to sing the new holiday song. (Joe was like a kid at Christmas with the laser pointer he got as a gift from Roger Day. He could point to notes or words on the screen, or to a singer, or the lights on the ceiling, or a tile on the floor --- well you get the drift!

The first half of the nite was hard work in preparation of the holiday show music to be sure it is at a Harmonizer top quality level.

Our director asked the guys to sell more tickets for the Dec. 3 and 4 shows – 7:30 pm on Fri, 12:30 and 6 pm on Sat. Some of us have found the best way to sell this show is to go ahead and buy 10 seats or a table. Use your credit card. Then you will be motivated to get out and sell them to someone, and they can pay you. Director Joe promises big prizes for top ticket sellers for all three shows!!! (And he is setting the example by selling three or four whole tables aleady.)

Before break, there was a report on the $1000 raised in the 5K multiple myeloma run in support of John Pence. Tom Griffith and his kids, Mark Klostermeyer, Jim Shoenhard and Bob Eckman did the route as did some Sweet Adelines who are friends of JP’s wife. Chuck McKeever gave an update on his health care status too.

Ken White alerted all that the afterglow has to move to Joe Theisman’s tonite.

Then Ken introduced four guests who were singers on the risers with us for the evening.

There was a nice break time. Many thanks to those Harmo families who have brought in things to share. Others of you can do it too in order to keep the cupboard full. A 100-man chorus can eat a lot of cookies or chips or pretzels in 10 minutes!

Besides chowing down on coffee and goodies, the guys were in line to order show tickets, pick up a supply of White House Ornaments to sell, singing a tag or song with three others guys, visiting and relaxing before the call back to the risers.

Mark Klostermeyer convened the meeting time after break. Alan Wile coordinated more Harmo History work.

Bob Blair reported that he, Carl Kauffmann, Joel Golden and Ike Evans sang a pick up quartet gig at a local senior’s place on Veterans’ Day. They presented the chapter the $50 donation they received.

Chuck Harner pushed for guys to take some 2011 Entertainment coupon books to sell. The 2010 books have expired, so customers are able to use the new books now!

The CAMERON STATION group is working to prepare for the holiday show.

Tony Colosimo thanked the Harmonizers for their support of CAPITAL FORCE and those who have made extra financial donations.

Ken White, speaking as 2011 shows vice president for the chapter, reported that next year’s Spring Tonic will not include a chorus. Instead we will all work to produce a performance series of “Forever Plaid” – a musical with four guys singing. Auditions will be held from the chorus and other singers. We will be set producers, costume helpers, ticket sales people. Dates and venue have not been confirmed at press time.

The chorus will, however, be doing some other big shows during the early part of the year.

Brad Jones promised an important email coming to all members about the possible China trip and about the chapter endowment efforts.

Here are more show details. (1) Roger Day wants us all to bring two big boxes wrapped in shiny paper without bows for the show. Bring em on Thursday for the dress rehearsal. Also come help on Friday for decorating the hall, riser set up, table setting and such.
(2) Bring four dozen holiday cookies with you to the show on Fri. nite and give them to Jack Pitzer for the dessert platters.
(3) Sell TICKETS. And buy the ones for your family and friends now cause the front row tables are starting to fill up. Fill out a form and give it to Steve.
(4) Contact Austin Cotton if you would like to buy a Harmonizer holiday music CD so you can review many of the songs we are doing on the show.
(5) There are a lot of solo spots in the show auditioned those who volunteered during the second half of the rehearsal.
(6) Get your costume (toy or elf) ready. Don’t wait. Ask the veterans for ideas. They can’t be in bad taste, should not be Santa and can’t be so cumbersome you can’t walk around and serve food or help.
(7) Respond the emails from Don Dillingham about the silent auction or raffle. He is asking for help and items.
(8) Speaking of help – new guys who don’t know all of the songs can help at every show – box office, cookies, set up, welcoming guests, helping senior citizen get into their seats, serving and taking stuff down at the end. Or any of us can sing some sets or parts of sets and then go help with other show details. Ask how you can do a little something extra.

Other news YeEd has to report: some of our guys were in a seven-car accident this past weekend. Steve White, Nick Aiuto and Ed Cazenas were in a rental car headed to sing with their FULL TILT bari, Pete Frank, and appear on the Erie, PA, show. They ran into a lake-front ice storm and escaped injury or even car damage. All other cars in the mishap were towed away and many of the other people taken to the hospital. Lucky boys!

YeEd suggests all of the guys mark their calendar and save Tues nite, Dec. 28th – we won’t have a chapter meeting, but we all should go to the “BLAST” in Maryland. We can car pool. Last year we out numbered about every other chapter in the greater DC/Baltimore area. It is also a great chance for quartets to sing. Watch for details.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)