Friday, November 27, 2009

Looking Back on the November 24th Chapter Meeting

More rainy weather made getting to chapter a little crazy. Plus it was the start of the Thanksgiving exit from DC so the roads were packed. But we had a good crowd again and there was lots going on prior to music.

Tony Colosimo did the warm ups for the chorus. As part of it, he introduced a new warm up drill to replace the long-used “may me my mow moo” that lots of us grew up on!

And “Oh my!” The non-durational doots were back.

The whole evening was used to prep the songs for the holiday show coming up fast – Dec. 4 and 5. The characters were worked into the practice. And the waiter operation while singing was rehearsed too. The guys already got into the fun of leading their tables to sing parts of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

As promised in the pre-meeting memo sent to all members, Director Joe invited 8 guys to come out and sing one of the show songs. When they were finished, he asked them to return to the risers and choose someone to take their place. He did this for about 4 songs. As usual, the tenors got a work out in order to have enough groups have tenors.

Before the membership meeting, Mark Klostermeyer recognized this week’s birthdays. Then Dan O’Brien took the mic. He invited us all to get our supply of Harmonizer business cards. And he suggested to guests present (and to current members who might have guests standing near them on the risers), that if he were busy during a Tuesday nite and a guest wanted to get answers to some questions, they might also speak with Alan Kousen and Phil Ferguson.

There were 9 guests this week including some returning guests, some men from other nearby chapters, first timers, former members and fans. John Hohl was back from Florida after moving there a few weeks ago.

The 30 or so singers who did the show at National Harbor on Monday evening did us proud and helped raise a few bucks for the chapter. A similar gig is set for Thursday, Dec. 17th.

After coffee and snacks, it was back to the risers for our weekly chapter meeting. Chuck Harner alerted all that accounts for sales of Entertainment Books must be completed with him (turn in the unsold ones or you owe for them) by Dec. 8th.

Ever wonder about that big Campbell Soup can on the table in the hall? It is a place to deposit Campbell Soup labels you have collected and brought in. We turn them over to a local school that turns in the labels to earn points for school equipment. Everyone is encouraged to collect the labels.

IMPORTANT announcement: you needed to get a convention reservation and indicate your plans for housing in the Harmo hotel in Philly in July. If you missed that, call Carl Kauffmann. Not sure what can be done, but he will know.

Jeremy Knobel plugged holiday show ticket sales. And he asked guys to sign up for decorating crews for Friday, and for riser set up on Thursday. All singers should mark their calendars that we have a rehearsal on Thursday, Dec. 3 at First Baptist Church. Don’t forget to wrap two big boxes with shiny gift wrap (no bows) and to bring them to dress rehearsal. ALSO bring four dozen cookies at that time.

Eric Wallen invited guys to register a quartet for the Put Together Contest on Dec. 15th!!

Sandy Stamps suggested (a bit in jest) that you should get some White House ornaments in case there is someone you forget for holidays gifting. (Surely Eric would not forget Joe!)

President Brad reminded all to get in their items for the silent auction for the holiday shows. YeEd hears there is at least one tv coming in and a piano – or two.

Brad presented You Make a Difference pins to Bill Stewart for his willingness to take on the tough jobs like set construction and working in the kitchen at the show; and Noah Van Gilder for his creative contributions to the show scripts.

After the meeting time, the chorus worked in sectionals on some of the songs for the show.

CAMERON STATION sang another new song for us that they will do on the show featuring Steve White as soloist. Then we heard the debut performance of a new small ensemble within the chorus, called TBD. The group includes Tom Kraus, Scipio Garling, Eric Wallen, Noah Van Gilder, Myles Glancy and Phil Ferguson.

Soon it was back to the risers for work on the rest of the show songs with the assistant directors up front. It was fun to hear the old standby “Toyland” which Will Cox will direct again for the show..

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)