Thursday, December 3, 2020

Looking Back on the Dec. 1st 2020 Virtual Chapter Meeting

 Looking Back on the Dec. 1st 2020 Virtual Chapter Meeting


Like everywhere else on this day, the Harmonizers were promoting participation in “Giving Tuesday.”   We were at $3750 when the meeting started.


Director Joe Cerutti called things to order and welcomed all those who made it onto the call during this holiday season.


He reviewed the upcoming December calendar for the chapter with reminders of meetings on Dec. 8th and 15th.  Then on Dec. 22nd we will have a virtual “afterglow” event, instead of a virtual meeting, to celebrate our virtual holiday show which would have been on Dec. 20th.  There will be no meetings on Dec. 29th nor on Jan. 5th.  We will resume meetings on Jan. 12th at 7 pm.


Speaking of the show, Joe reports that it is all set to go for “Christmas – Coast to Coast – A Celebration of Singing and Family.” The show will be streamed by BHS on their YouTube Channel at 6:30 pm Eastern Time, on Dec. 20th.  We are co-presenting the show with Northwest Sound from Bellevue, WA, and the virtual chorus numbers are awesome (based on some sneak previews we were shown this week!).


There will be a “heavenly host” of other guest performers such as GQ, QUIN-TONES, HALO, MIDTOWN, SIGNATURE, MOMMA’S BOYS, VINTAGE MIX plus our own TBD and SILVER ALERT. That is just a few of the groups on the show.


Joe stressed again that the show is FREE. We will be offering support for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a non-profit in VA that provides benefits for the families of service members who were killed in the line of duty, and for HOPELINK,  a Washington-based charity that helps homeless and low-income families. 


A huge outpouring of gratitude to Mike Kelly and Joel Golden for the weeks of technical work they have done to prepare the virtual choruses for the show.  This week’s attendees on the Zoom call got to see  a piece of “Carol of the Bells” and “Gloria” – WOW! We also got to watch a performance of VINTAGE MIX doing a new holiday arrangement provided by the Harmonizers in appreciation for the quartet having been on one of our Zoom calls earlier this year!). 


As has been out custom at recent holiday shows, there will be a Holiday Silent Auction.  It will begin on Dec. 6th and run for two weeks, ending on Dec. 20th after our show.


The chapter is proud that we have been accepted as one of the 14 performing groups to be part of WETA “Songs of the Season.” They chose our 2019 performance of “Gloria,” arranged by David Wright, to be used in their holiday presentations streamed online between Dec. 15th and the 25th pm on both WETA PBS and on WETA METRO channels.



Tues Dec 15th at 9 pm

Wed Dec 23rd at 4 pm

Fri Dec 25th at 4 pm





Sun Dec 20th at 1 pm

Tues Dec 22nd at 3 pm

Fri Dec 25th at 2 pm


Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted a warm up session starting with stretching and moving so the singers would be ready for the choreo review later in the evening.  Tony thanked the men for participating. 


At this point, Joe and Tony stopped the meeting to encourage men to “rattle the bushes” a little and suggest donations to the Harmonizers as part of “Giving Tuesday.”  At this point we were up to $4200.


Next, the attendees worked on a run-through of “With a Little Help from My Friends” and the second song in the Chorus Line Medley – “What I Did for Love.” That was followed by reviewing the choreography in the finale of “Circle of Life.”  Here again, Tony demonstrated and/or coached the review points. There was a special breakout group for the front row to review their choreo too.


Alan Wile did his 14th interview of a Harmonizer who has submitted a Harmo Hero form to be posted on Groupanizer.  Bob Rhome was one of the very first to submit his form ten years ago when Alan started this project.


Bob is a 19-year barbershopper and came to us after a long and successful career in the US Army and as a major staffer for NASA.  He grew up as an Army-brat and lived with his folks in over a dozen posts before he was in junior high. He sang in school but not again until he was in the DC area and joined the Harmonizers in 1980.


His education was in engineering and he earned his Army Commission. Eventually her got two masters degrees in civil engineering and public works, plus an MBA.  He served in the Army 21 years after which he worked for NASA. He held a number of high-level positions that meant our USA space program was a success. 


Bob shared pride of his family and the upcoming 49th anniversary with wife Anne


During our small group discussion this week, we were asked to share “What is your favorite TV commercial of all time?”  There were several duplicates and there were a number of good ones to laugh about that guys were able to play and share with us.


During the business meeting, executive director Randall Eliason reported that there are over 50 items so far donated for the silent auction for the holiday show, but it is not too late to submit something. Confirm with  Kristin Kellyat if you have donations.


President Stan Quick reported on the recent kidney transplant operation for Chris Buechler – he is recovering and has a way to go yet.


Membership director Jacob Broude reported on a number of health issues with members, families, and former members.  Everyone offers their support and best wishes for getting back with us. 


Clark Chesser was congratulated for his excellent ECHO published and sent to members and to our patrons.  Good work.


We wrapped up this week’s meeting with two electives.  Devin Gerzof spoke about “Barbershop in Pop Culture.” His presentation was a great collection of videos showing barbershop on national TV, at NFL games, and in other pop situations.  There was a lot of discussion from attendees who offered other examples. 


Joe Cerutti spoke about “Developing Musicality: Putting It Together.” Barbershop as a folk-art form leaves a lot of interpretive responsibility on the performer, but most focus on executing the correct notes/words/rhythms.  Once you understand how to interpret the opinion of the composer and arranger, the performer has many decisions to make. Joe’selective was an effort to increase understanding of how to put it all together.


Next week’s Tuesday meeting will be via Zoom again at 7 pm. Watch for email details.  Volunteers to do electives for future meetings should contact Terry Reynolds if they’d like to present a half hour elective.


At 9:34 pm, we had collect $4.580 in our “Giving Tuesday” effort.  Actually donations can be made all week to add to this number.  So let’s hope there will be continued donations!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record for the great things going on each week during the 72nd year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. - YeEd)