Thursday, December 2, 2021

Looking Back on the Nov. 30th 2021 Hybrid Chapter Meeting

 Looking Back on the Nov. 30th 2021 Hybrid Chapter Meeting


This week the Covid statistics in our area improved enough that our chapter Covid committee headed by Jason Leedetermined that all the Harmonizers who are planning to sing the Holiday show were invited to the meeting this week. In general, it was as great night with singing and work on the risers like the “old days.”


To kick things off, associate director Tony Colosimo conducted a warm up session for the singers in the cafeteria.  


When artistic director Joe Cerutti took the helm, he welcomed the members and thanked them again for their work on the music, and he welcomed the men on Zoom.  He also welcomed some folks we have not seen in person for a while including Tyler Carpenter, Kellen Hertz, and Jack Cameron who came to VA from his new home in SC to sing on the show.  He has worked via Zoom and is ready.  He is staying this week with Mike Kelly, his car pool buddy from before moving to SC.  We also sang happy birthday to Jason Lee and Alan Wile


The memorial service for Linda Savage is on Fri. Dec. 3rd at 10 am at Fairfax Memorial Park, 9900 Braddock Rd. in Fairfax.  Chorus call is 9:15 am and we will sing “I’ll Be Seeing You” as requested by Ricky. All Harmonizers are encouraged to come sing.


Joe spoke about the Giving Tuesday campaign promoted by Bruce Roehm and the AH Inc. board that endsed at midnight.  He even suggested that those who could and haven’t given could do it during the rehearsal. YeEd learned that we were not doing too badly in reaching our goal of $15,000.  The board actually pledged monies to match donations. Thanks to those folks.


And Joe stressed that guys update their attendance plans on Groupanizer for December events. The music team wants responses even if it is “Won’t Attend.”


Finally Joe sparked interest in some changes coming for our first rehearsal in 2022 on January 11th.   The music team is working on a rehearsal night format 2.0 – building on the plan that was in effect just before Covid.  Stay tuned for details.


For those who have not marked their Dec. 2021 calendar:


* Note that there will be no meeting on Dec. 7th  to rest up after the show.

* The chorus will sing some songs from the holiday show in Old Town Alexandria on Sat. Dec. 11th  starting with a mini-concert at 3 pm by the Christmas Tree at Market Square. After that we will stroll down King Street and sing for the crowds shopping there. There is some talk about ending some place together. 

* Then on Tuesday nights, Dec. 14th and 21st, we will do some singing in and around Alexandria. Quartets and VLQs will sing around the city too and on Dec. 31st.  Thanks to Dean Rust for coordinating many of these gigs. Joe will likely offer to host afterglows those nights too at Harmo House.  Come join in the fun. 

* There will be no chapter meetings on Dec. 28th nor on Jan. 4th.  

*We will start back up on Jan. 11,  2022.


After these announcements, the chorus went to the auditorium and sang on the risers and did a top-to-bottom run through of the show music for “Hope for the Holidays.”  Even some of the quartets and VLQs sang their songs for us. There were some new riser placements this week since more singers have signed up to do the show.


This year’s holiday show at the Scottish Rite Temple in DC (2800 16th Street NW) at 2 pm and 6 pm on Sunday, Dec. 5th.  They will be a one-act show lasting about one hour.  There will be complimentary valet parking for show patrons for both shows thanks to our friend and former AH Inc. community board member, Paul Dolinsky.  


Joe did suggest that ticket reservations are going pretty well for the 350 seat auditorium at the DC Scottish Rite Temple.  NOTE it is at 2800 16th Street NW  (if you had Googled it, you might get the wrong address of other similarly named venues).  Chorus members should use social media to prompt family, friends and neighbors and co-workers to reserve a ticket since this auditorium is smaller.  


There were several show announcements from Terry

(1)  the uniform for the show is a chapter provided sweat shirt, a white scarf, to be worn with a collared long sleeve white shirt, black suit pants and black shoes and socks.

(2)  Chorus call is 12 noon.  You should eat lunch before you come.  There will be time between shows to go get food or you can bring something. The chorus will not be fed as a group. Makes sense to wear the black pants, shoes and white shirt – save sweat shirt and scarf for the show.

(3)  Chorus members should plan ahead for their parking, plan to carpool if possible, and plan for delays at Metro Stations that are close to the venue.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record for the great things going on each week during the 73rd year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. - YeEd)