Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking Back On March 25th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on March 25th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Director Joe called the chorus to the risers at 7 pm with the familiar “Harmonizers on the Risers” and the usual hustle to all get papers put away and get into your spot on the risers. That was the kick off for the usual physical and musical warm ups.

Joe took us all through “Side By Side” and “Climbin Up The Mountain” in prep for the 60th anniversary reunion chorus spot on the show this spring. Already anniversary chair, Terry Jordan, has gotten about 25 former member signed up to learn the three songs and sing.

I also heard Jordan talking about the anniversary potluck later in the year and a “talent show” with Harmonizers and their families or friends. We did it years ago and it was lots of fun (Wonder if Savage still plays guitar? Or do you think Wilt would come up from Richmond?) So start thinking of it for yourself or encourage another member to start working on his act. No quartets in this one, tho. Maybe a famous MC will be hired.

Joe thanked Brad Jones for the tons of work he has done in preparing and planning the Youth Festival this weekend. The chorus did a work session on “Music of the Night” which the chorus will sing on the Saturday nite show with and for the students. It starts at 7 and the chorus needs to be there about 6. Wear the new blue shirt with some kind of kaki pants or as close as possible to that if you don’t have the shirt. We need more singers to attend. I do know that a set up crew is slated for Friday nite to get risers in place and chairs up and all of that.

And I know that another cake or two, or a few more big plates of cookies, would help feed the 60 plus students and the 8 or 10 music educators during lunch and dinner. You can drop them off Friday nite or before 11 am on Saturday. All events are at Durant.

The chorus tackled the new arrangement by John Hohl of “From This Moment On” for the first time. Lots of chatter around about it being a great new tune. But it is not an easy one, so there is work to do – in a hurry. Joe did invite any guys who had prepared to sing it today without music to come forward and so an octet of guys did so and it was darn good.

The troops regrouped back into their new risers positions and worked on hats for “Happy Feet” and did a solid review on SP for “Great Day.”

During the chapter meeting, Rhome thanked the four guys who put up risers tonite and solicited help for take down.

President Stamps reported that Carolyn Hall was in the hospital for tests and that Larry Silva is home and recovering with help from Cathy.

Joe thanked Steve White for taking on the Tuesday nite scheduling job needed to plan in advance the music to be sung or practiced, who would do what and how much time would be spent. Also for getting it done each week in advance to go in the HarmoGram published by Riffer. Everyone gets that and can (or should) prepare themselves for Tuesday nite rehearsal.

Ike Evans continues his photo project of updating the Harmo picture board in the meeting room. So if your picture is out-of-date, see Ike for a reshoot.

Spring Tonic business manager, Tom Kraus, pleaded for more men to sell show program ads. (I decided to just buy one myself.)

Secretary Buechler and Membership VP Day welcomed two newest members – Kyle Blomgren, a new bass, and Max Kieba, a new tenor. Chris also presented membership renewals to Dan O’Brien for 3 years, Arthur Lewis for 13 years, and Ken Ives for 23 years.

Roger Day welcomed guests present and encouraged all of us to use the supply of voucher cards he can give you that entitles you to a free show ticket if you bring a guest. See him to explain it better.

Someone also announced that show flyers went out last week, so now is the time to alert your customer list to get their orders in. See Nick or Steve Murane regarding tickets.

After eating lots of goodies and drinking the 40 cups of coffee, the singers went to work on “Clap” both musical and visual details.

Busy and hard working evening in the old Harmo Hall. And did you notice that Steve Murane wore his Pitzer College sweatshirt too!

Until next time – editorjack!

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