Thursday, August 7, 2008

Looking Back on August 5th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on August 5th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

As usual the crew was on hand at 6pm to get the meeting room and rehearsal space set up and ready for the 7 pm start. After a solid warm up session, Director Joe took a few minutes to report on the Harmonizer presence at Harmony University. He said we were “everywhere” all week. And many Society leaders remarked about how many came from Alexandria to this important event

And then he dug into a good work out on “From This Moment On” and incorporated points made last week by John Hohl, who helped again this week to remind the guys about some of the interp to make this a great show opener.

And then we launched into more work on “Second Star” and then back and forth between the two songs. Joe had some fun letting the tenor, bass, lead or bari sections do a thumbs up or down on how each of the other sections had done.

Before the break is the new time for membership and guest recognition. The Secretary gave membership cards to the following: Nick Murane – 3 years, Steve Murane – 6 years, Joe Sawyer – 13 years, Ike Evans – 21 years, Bruce Lauther – 22 years, Dave Welter – 32 years, Craig O’Dell – 39 years, and Al Herman – a 25 year card and lapel pin.

Jordan plugged the 60th Anniversary Potluck and Talent Show coming up Sun., Aug. 10th at Durant from 2-5 pm. Likely we will eat about 2:30 pm and the show will start about 4. Scott Kahler asked any talent entries to contact him if they have unusual mic needs.

Hohl and Cerutti plugged the Harmonizer 101 class – theory and more. 7-9 pm on Thursday Aug. 7th at Lee Center.

Roger introduced guests including some guys from other chapters who were in town – Northbrook IL and Palm Beach FL.

During break the guys did their visiting, snacking, buying things etc.

After the break was the chapter meeting. Buechler offered to place orders for any Harmo logo items.
Paul Grimes released the news about the fall show theme – The Steamer Trunk. The trunk will reveal many historical and funny moments from the chapter’s history. Show will include appearances by CAMERON STATION, BACHELOR PARTY, PRIME TIME and a reunion appearance of PREMIERE (Savage, Womer, Grimes and Clark).

Ken White thanked guys for the many inputs for the Anytime Quartet Project.

Back to Director Joe for a thorough review of our contest appearance. Joe used the video to let the men see what they had done and then on a second pass thru to listen to our shot at Nashville. Then Terry Reynolds did his “geek thing” and shared numbers and results and comparison of past years. And finally Joe read the lengthy and detailed remarks from several judges who were on the panel at International. Much to be proud of!

Time was getting short, so the chorus did two runs on the two songs worked on earlier. Then stopped just in time to put it all away, sing a tag, and head out.

Until next time – editorjack!

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