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Looking Back on NYC Show Feb. 28th

Looking Back on NYC Show Feb. 28th

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week with Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter members. —Ye Ed.) (Thanks to Noah Van Gilder and Chris Buechler for filling in the blanks on the news from behind stage.)

The Harmonizers made a major hit just off Broadway when they appeared on the Manhattan NY Chapter show Feb. 28th at the Salvation Army Centennial Theatre at 120 W. 14th Street in New York City. It was billed as The Unity Spectacular featuring the Harmonizers and the Voices of Gotham from Hell’s Kitchen, NY.

Our guys got to the theater all kinds of ways – some car pools, many via the less expensive bus routes, some by train. And so by about 11 am that Saturday, there were guys in the neighborhood and at the theatre.

Bill DePuy drove the Harmo truck up with risers and sound equipment and props. So a crew of our guys (DePuy, Buechler, Wagner,Wile, Ritchey and his daughter and her friend) pitched in to unload and set up. Scott Kahler and Dennis Ritchey and Chris Cunningham did a lot of work to get the sound for the show going. And Dixie and Chris Buechler did the lights.

The chorus had warm ups and some stage time including some time with the Manhattan and Hell’s Kitchen choruses to practice some combined singing. Manhattan director, Joe Hunter and his team taught basic choreography for “New York, New York” and the Harmonizers picked it up in no time flat. The combined songs were “God Bless the USA” and of course, “NY NY” which were sung at the end of the show.

A bunch of our guys stayed in the theatre to listen while the other two choruses warmed up.

Prior to coming on stage, our guys assembled backstage for a quick, intense rehearsal. Energy levels were high and the chorus was full of anticipation. It showed during their performance.

When the curtain opened for the Harmonizers, the crowd went wild!! And the chorus did not disappoint with a fast paced show full of animation and entertainment and great singing. CAMERON STATION sang as did our newest quartet, EAST COAST SWING with Ryan Griffith, Tony Colosimo, Kirk Young and Joe Cerutti.

There were a lot of us in the audience too from the chapter family. And it was fun to see guys from a number of other chapters in the Mid Atlantic District. Some chapters had come with a group of folks.

The afterglow was a blast and I hear some folks were there til at least 4:30am! According to my reporter, “the afterglow was an absolute blast and we did stay late! There was plenty of food and some good cakes. And the room was so full of singing that it spread out into the lobby.”

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