Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking Back on the September 14th Chapter Meeting

The new floor in the main hall at Durant was bright and clean and ready for us tonite. The set up crew had things up early and ready for the big crowd of members and guests.

Assistant director Tony Colosimo conducted an extensive vocal warm up and then turned the chorus over to Director Joe. He didn’t waste a minute and had them start to work on “No More Sorrow” using some physical stepping exercises to help with rhythm and using a Harmonizer soft so the tenor glis could be heard.

Then he jumped right to work on introducing more of the 2011 uptune. He thanked Joel Golden for his dependable support in preparing learning materials for this song.

Tonite Michael Gellert was present to provide private vocal coaching.

Joe also had the guys work on some songs for next week’s show (and rehearsal) on Thursday.

After that, he had the chorus work on the ballad for district contest in Lancaster, Oct. 1 -2. He conducted extensive drills and coached many finite details to improve the number.

Before break, ops vp Mark Klostermeyer, honored the guys with birthdays this week. He reminded Philly singers that they had two more weeks to get their medals engraved.

Chapter secretary Chris Buechler announced the opportunity for all to order Harmo logo shirts from Lands End. See Chris.

Then he presented membership renewal cards: 13 years, Eric Wallen; 18, Don Thompson; 24, Chuck McKeever; 26, Ken Fess; 27, Terry Reynolds; 31, Bill Curtis; 31, Mick Stamps; 36, Randy Lazear. He presented a membership card and lapel pin to Jack Pitzer for his 45 years.

Membership vp, Ken White, introduced many guests including several barbershoppers from other parts of the nation, the guys who were at our recent audition nite; and many returnees. He welcomed former member Greg Tepe, who is a show producer for the chapter.

Greg then gave details about this week’s show.

Steve Lingo announced details for an expanded guest nite on Tues., Oct. 26th. He stressed that we would welcome prospective singers as well as prospective supports and fans.

Craig Kujawa announced that a weight loss plan for Kansas City will be rolled out soon. Watch for details.

Alan Wile continued the Harmo Heroes project.

Music vp, Terry Reynolds, asked guys to submit absentee request forms for any events from now til district, as all are mandatory.

There is a board meeting on Wednesday of this week.

Then Director Joe brought the guys back to work on the contest songs. He did offer his thoughts about the recent death of our friend and chapter member, Walter Latzko. He also was proud of the recent Harmonizer magazine article by Scipio.

The rest of the nite was work on the contest set for Lancaster. And the evening ended with the guys making vocal and visual recordings for the Make Me Better effort.

We went way past 10 pm, so there was a rush to do some auditions, put everything away, sing some tags and gear up to go to the afterglow.

Victor Hills took us out on KTWWS.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

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