Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking Back on the October 5th Chapter Meeting

You would have thought it was a guest nite on Tuesday! Every time YeEd looked over at the sign-in station, Ken White was making another name tag. Lots of good singers in the wings working on auditions and preparing to join us on the risers.

Ken introduced 8 guests who are in all stages of membership and audition – some first timers, several guys back again for multiple times, some guys new to the area and some guys who come to see us whenever they are in DC area for work. It was good to see former member, Larry Fagley, in the guest seats too.

Will Cox did the musical warm ups and then Tony Colosimo took over as director for the nite. Our Joe is coaching in Hawaii!!! Music vp Terry Reynolds set the stage for the evening of hard work for the up coming show in St. Mary’s County.

Terry also gave an abbreviated “numbers and charts” show reporting how our scores and rankings from the district contest last weekend stacked up with past years. The guys give him a hard time about it, but we all like it. The outstanding scores in the singing category were most impressive in comparison to other years.

Terry then recognized our own Steve White who was inducted into the Mid Atlantic District Hall of Honor. Many guys recognize that Steve had done a ton of work in support of our chapter – especially in the musical arena and in show production. But he has made just a much of a contribution to operations and programs at the district level. Not the least of which is his fourth district championship this past weekend. Well deserved!!

The previous Looking Back column YeEd sent out gives a full report on the contest weekend – chorus contest, quartet contest, meetings and events. But President Newton gave more details from the Sunday morning House of Delegates meeting. The Harmony Foundation (HF) has a program called Donor Choice. All those who contribute by joining the Presidents’ Council (for $1000 each year), or by supporting Ambassadors of Song for $10 a month can designate up to 30% of the contribution to be given back to the district and/or a chapter.

Thru this process, Sean Devine, representing the HF, was able to present a check for $1,242.70 to our president during the delegates meeting. Dick reports it is the highest amount earned by any other chapter in the district.

Before the break last nite, Mark Klostermeyer announced birthdays and some events on the calendar including the memorial for Walter Latzko on Oct. 9th.

Chapter secretary Chris Buechler reported that the shirt order had been received from Lands End. He also reminded members that any nominations for officers or board for next year that were not part of the nominating committee slate must be given to the chapter secretary before the end of the meeting.

Chris presented membership renewals to the following: 7 years, Ken Henderson; 11 years Bob Blair; and 26 years, John Pence.

Membership vp Ken White encouraged guys to come to the new afterglow location tonite after our meeting – Ernie’s Crab Shack just around the corner from Durant.

Steve Lingo is coordinating the guest nite on Oct. 26th and encourages all active and inactive members to support the event by inviting singers, prospective sponsors or advertisers, or even former members who might want to sing again. We will wear the contest uniform with the yellows. AND everyone is encouraged to bring cookies and brownies and such to share. (Any left overs will go in the cupboard for our weekly coffee break.)

The cupboard was a little low this week, but a few folks came to the rescue with some things. Please help.

After the break announcements included the continuation by Alan Wile of the Harmo Heroes project; explanation by Craig Kujawa of the 2011 weight loss program leading up to the International contest in Kansas City (info was in our emails when we got up this morning); and an invitation from Tom Griffith who is organizing a Harmo team of runners to participate Sun., Nov. 14th, in the multiple myeloma run in honor of our own John Pence.

President Newton saluted the chapter quartets and chorus for the work this past weekend and displayed the shiny trophies earned by all.

Dave Reyno sold 563 White House Christmas ornaments last year. So he came to offer suggestions to guys on how they could increase sales too. Basically he takes huge numbers on consignment and then works with local stores and shops to place the ornaments on consignment with them. He uses flower shops, hardware stores and gift shops. He also had stationed himself outside the Giant in his community. He offered some forms he uses to set up the consignments and flyers he posts on stands at stores. For more details, see Sandy Stamps. And thanks Dave for leading the way.

Musically, the whole nite was work on the show songs for Oct. 16th. We are dusting off a bunch of tunes we have not done for a while. Tony and Will had director duties. Mike Kelly helped launch the holiday music and directed our first holiday show song for this year.

TAKE NOTE. An important chapter meeting is coming up soon – the annual meeting and election of officers. It will be Oct. 12 at our regular Tuesday nite meeting at Durant. ALL of the 200+ members and FRIENDS are encouraged to attend, have a cup of coffee with the gang, and sing with the chorus. The election will be conducted by current president, Dick Newton. The meeting was announced recently by chapter secretary Buechler and included the slate from the nominating committee. That committee was chaired by past president Brad Jones and committee members were Ken White, Will Cox, Mark Klostermeyer and Dennis Ritchey.
President – Steve Murane
VP Chapter Development – Phil Ashford
VP Operations – Mark Klostermeyer
VP Music & Performance – Terry Reynolds
VP Shows – Ken White
VP Marketing and PR – Steve Lingo
Secretary – Chris Buechler
Treasurer – Dave Welter
Member At Large 2010-2011 – Noah Van Gilder
Member At Large 2010-2011 – Phil Ferguson
Member At Large 2011-2012 – Ken Henderson
Member At Large 2011-2012 – Ian Poulin
Immediate Past President – Dick Newton

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

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