Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking Back on the Nov. 30th Chapter Meeting

The sales tables were busy tonite when guys got to Durant – lots of guys and FRIENDS members buying scrip cards for gifts, or placing an order with Dick or Carolyn Hall for pick up. Others are buying the cards to use for their own purchases this season. All helps the chapter earn cash.

White House Ornament sales were good too.

Everyone was glad to see Alan Wile back. He is taking it a little easy for a few weeks and won’t be standing on risers all weekend for the show. He got put to work by Director Joe to take notes of things Joe wanted to remember to tell the chorus later in the evening.

After warm ups, the music team and show team started the show and we ran it from top to bottom. Joe didn’t make suggestions for singing or interp at this time. The script for the show is funny and will be great entertainment for our audiences. Thanks to actors Jack-in-the-Box (again!) - Terry Reynolds; Radio Show Producer Jacque Frost – Scipio Garling, assistant mime (Lassie), Tom Kraus; “technical director,” Mark Klostermeyer and Junior, Joe Cerutti. YeEd hears that the script was a product of Scipio and Josh Roots. Credit was also given to Joe Sawyer and Scott Kahler for preparing the radio commercials that will be used during the show.

Before Joe got too far into the songs for the show, he referred to the list of ticket salesmen he had received from ticket chair, Steve Murane. He invited all the guys whose name was on the list down front. Top salesman so far was Dick Hall, with 74 tickets. Brad Jones was second and Alan Wile was third.

Besides the chorus, there will be several Harmo ensembles on this show – a couple newly formed chapter quartets THE BLANKS and FREE AGENTS, CAMERON STATION, and TBD. All of the guys singing solos in the various songs all demonstrated for us. Thanks to them for volunteering.

The chorus was briefed about costume changes, candlelight procession while singing “Silent Night,” food serving procedures, how we do “Twelve Days of Christmas,” the operation of the candles (on loan from another singing group) was explained, and then show chairman, Bob Mattes, provided a wildly detailed handout for each man regarding the whole show weekend. Great job, Bob!! He also sent it out via email also.

The pre-break meeting time included welcoming Dana and Kirk Riffer, in town for a visit. It was noted that it is time to get in your money or buy Entertainment 2011 books before second Tues of Dec deadline.

Secretary Buechler presented a new member kit to Scott Friend and the Man of Note for his sponsor Scott Kahler. Chris also presented membership renewal cards to Lew Klinge for 9 years and Chuck Harner for 43 years. Also Chris offered some Harmo clothing items for discount prices.

Alan Wile continued the work of getting all the Harmo Hero forms submitted.

Carl Kauffmann pushed for guys to get him their room and registration plans for the International in July in Kansas City.

Chuck McKeever gave an update on the health status of John Pence. JP is making good progress, but was back in the hospital for a few days with a little snag. He expects to be home again at the end of the week. Chuck suggests we can call JP’s cell then.

Final show announcement from chairman Bob:
Sign up tonite for table crews
The uniform for the second half is caroling outfits – sweaters, scarves etc.
Thurs is a dress rehearsal but without makeup. Be at church at 7 pm, dressed in first half elf outfits.
Bob Blair sought volunteers for taking risers to the church as well as a second run to bring holiday show props and decoration. He got a good number of guys to raise hands and offer to help.
Roger Day reminded us all to bring two boxes wrapped in shinny gift wrap and to bring then on Thurs nite. He also asked again for guys to come on Fri to help decorate starting at 10 am.
Jack Pitzer reminded guys to bring 4 doz holiday cookies for the desserts platters. Bring them with you on Fri for the show and give em to Jack.

Then it was back to work on the music for the show.

Just before closing we were reminded by Eric Wallen of the chapter Put Together Quartet contest set for Dec. 14th at Durant. Also watch for details about the “B Blast” on Dec. 28th in Baltimore area. We need to all go – it was such fun last year.

Kirk Riffer took us out on the closing song. Then guys got right to work putting things away, as usual. We did get a good crowd for an afterglow at Theisman’s.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

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