Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking Back on the May 10th Chapter Meeting

YeEd has gotta make this one fast, as he has to catch a plane early Wednesday morn. So here goes.

The risers were in a straight line again this week and the AC was not on at all, it didn’t seem like.
Cindy Hansen and Geri Geis were in to help with the contest package and also to add some sparkle and excitement to our songs for Carnegie Hall. There will be about 85 Harmonizers on the stage with over 150 from Japan. Director Joe reports that many of them are coming even with loss of family or friends or maybe even fellow chorus members.

The musical cultural event will also be a fund raising event for the disaster.

First treat for the nite was to watch a quick clip of a Dallas Vocal Majority gig for musical educators a few years ago. Joe wanted to share this moment in barbershop history when our form of music was given a green light from the educators.

He suggests we can do this for the classical musicians in the audience in NYC. Tho we hear a huge number of NY barbershoppers will be at the show. It is a sellout at this point.

Congrats to our team of guys who have worked hard to keep us posted, make arrangements for our travel and housing and meals and fun. Especially Ken White and Greg Tepe. Steve Lingo is doing ticket distribution for those guests going with members to the show in NYC. Ken Henderson is in charge of collections for the relief fund, if you are interested in giving.

There will likely be more emails and communications for all those going to perform and/or to attend the show. Stay tuned.

The whole nite was used for the show and contest package and working with our two visual coaches.

Mark Klostermeyer conducted the business meeting period. Chris Buechler announced membership renewal for Andrew Plocher, 2 years; Dan O’Brien, 6; Tim Buell, 7; Craig Kujawa, 8; Steve Murane, 9; Chris Buecher, 26; Bob Eckman, 27; and Austin Cotton, 36.

Steve Lingo filled in for Phil Ashford, who had a family emergency, and introduced the guests.

After our coffee break, there were announcements.

Brad Jones gave details about the June show.

Scott Kahler asked for more guys to step up to help our chapter host the Southern Division contest in Reston in a couple weeks.

Last week, YeEd goofed and didn’t report on the first of the special Director Surprise Awards (provided by a friend of the chapter) for any guy Joe thinks is giving the extra 5 %. The first honoree was Dennis Ritchey last week. Even tho Dennis lives an hour or more away, he makes it to the meetings and extra rehearsals. And he is quick to build, make, fix or take care of anything that needs doing for the chorus in the realm of audio visual.

This week Joe invited our coach, Cindy Hansen, to choose the recipient based on the person who was “in the game” all nite as a performer. She had Nick Murane in second place and the winner was new guy, Kevin Kaiser. Congrats all.

Other chapter news: the FRIENDS of HARMONY met tonite. Special Forces guys Pete Frank (who announces he and his wife are expecting a little one), Bob Wilson and Bill Colosimo.
Don’t forget to wear a name tag of some kind on Tues nite at chapter meeting.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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