Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking Back on the June 30th Extra Rehearsal

We had our only special pre-International rehearsal at the school next door to Durant on Thursday eve. Almost all of the 99 contest chorus members were there – as is tradition, we probably won’t have all 99 until mid-contest-week. (The price we pay for having so many government and military guys who travel all over the world for their jobs.)

Director Joe Cerutti was ready to take over after Tony Colosimo got the singers voices warmed up and ready. The set-up crew had to bring in the risers and props from Cameron Street (with the Harmo van out in the street while it was unloaded) since those were the only doors things could come thru.

But we started on time and Joe worked hard. He revisited the ballad and then launched a push on the uptune. He used the same techniques from Tuesday nite to help the guys go beyond just good or great: sometimes he had them just stand and sing, and then he had them go back to total performance. He had his section leaders for basses and leads to take their guys out for some touch up – and it made a huge change.

The hall was full of guests who wanted to see our package and won’t get to the convention. A big crowd of the guys from Mount Vernon Harmony Heritage Singers were with us. Bill Clark and his two young sons came down from NJ (and for the boys to see Chris on the front row). Jay Butterfield’s sister and her family came in to see us too.

Geri Geis was on hand to help with the polish and of course, her partner Royall, was on hand to lead the cheering section.

At break we had lemonade and some snacks left from the recent show. Ellen Dellert brought chocolate donuts for all to enjoy.

Admin work continued: uniform part swaps and make up kits – thanks to Tom Kern; Scott Kahler and Steve Lingo gave details on how guys could get luggage onto the truck we are driving out to KC; Steve also gathered up coolers guys brought in so he could put them on the truck – they will be used to keep drinks and snacks cold in the Harmo Hideaway at the Hyatt all week; Brian Ammerman launched brief details about the Sept. 24th fall show.

Reminders for all: review the convention handbook for details about uniform parts, especially casual uniform, as well as to have a handle on the Harmonizer schedule as it fits around the convention schedule. Also a suggestion to go to the convention headquarters hotel, the Marriott, on Tuesday to pick up a name tag and holder to wear, plus to get a printed program which you will want all week. That is a good time to check out the Harmony Marketplace for CDs, clothes and often some good sales! Plus that is where you would get tickets for other events during the week. Might be a good time to try out the shuttle bus service from our hotel to the headquarters hotel and to the contest site.

Don’t forget to bring a pen to jot notes – and see how close you can come to picking the quartet winner.

Be sure to bring some other Harmo clothing to wear during the week. About 30 guys got in on the huge order of shirts that Chris Buechler made after our retreat and distributed one Tuesday nite recently.

YeEd got a great note from Victor Hills after his first day of hard training at West Point. He is hanging in there and looks forward to hearing good news about the convention. As soon as things calm down for him at school, he plans to audition for the glee club.

Congrats to former director, Scott Werner, for his 49-year membership renewal recently.

YeEd has more follow up from the East Coast Harmony Show. Thanks to Mike Kelly for his work on a video shot at the show. Mike Everard is another name we left out of our coverage of that event.

Great to have DA CAPO sing for us last Tuesday as a preview of their shot in KCMO. We will all be there to cheer and applaud. Good luck to Ryan, Tony, Joe C and Wayne!!

Thanks to new Echo editor Clark Chesser for taking on the task. He just published his second edition online. He has invited a crew of folks to help him with reviewing the copy since he is a brand new Harmonizer.

Well – it feels like the Harmonizers are ready for a week of fun and further expansion of their performance during the chorus contest on Friday, July 8th.

See you there. And if you are a former member and plan to attend the convention, be sure to come by the Hyatt and see us. If you won’t be in MO, check into watching the contest on the Internet. Go to the Society website.

Keep an eye on your email box, as we continue to organize luggage details and sharing rides from the airport to the hotel.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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