Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Looking Back on the February 14th Chapter Meeting and Singing Valentine Effort

The Harmonizers were busy this Tuesday.

Early in the morning, organizers gathered at Valentine Central (the home of Alan Kousen and Carlos Correa).  Coordinators have worked hard to take orders and form quartets to deliver the Valentines.  Flower supplies and chocolates were delivered.  Eric Wallen helped form quartets for the operation – about 28 guys actually did go out and sing to cover all of our orders – almost 60, YeEd heard.  Director Joe Cerutti thanked all of them for the long day from 7 am til 10 pm singing.   The chapter offered the service all day and evening on the 14th.  (Actually there were a lot of guys who volunteered to form quartets but were not needed this year. So thanks to them too.)

Chairman for this year was Ken Henderson.  He had to make a fast trip to the Midwest for a family emergency but got home about Midnite on Monday.  Brian Ammerman, shows vp, helped cover the tasks needed. Clark Chesser took orders off the phone line all week.  Steve Lingo was key to the marketing phase of SVs.

As usual guys delivered songs all over the area and surprised a lot of folks. There will be many stories to share about how guys found their “customers” around the area. We also sold Valentine messages via telephone.

Then at chapter meeting we worked hard in preparation for the show on Feb. 22 at the Masonic Temple.  Soprano Alessandra Marc was ill and unable to attend our  rehearsal with the chorus for the two songs we will sing together – “Battle Hymn” and a Verde piece, “La Vergine degli Angeli.”  Joe used the keyboard and Tony directed the Verde piece in our work session.

Paul Dolinsky with the Masonic Foundation, the group hosting the George Washington Birthday celebration and our concert in the theater at the Temple, was also present. Paul offered tickets for the show for $25 each (http://gwmemorial.org/birthday-celebration-2012-concert.php )    He offered for us to wear jacket and tie vs. formal wear.

HOWEVER – we will have our Feb. 21st meeting at the Masonic Temple at 7 pm!  Riser crew is due at 6 pm.

To celebrate the day, we also presented Valentines to the ladies at the meeting hall in Durant thanks to marketing vp Steve Lingo. Plus there were heart-shaped sugar cookies for all! Thanks to YeEd’s friends at Frying Pan Farm Park who donated the leftover cookies from an event at the Park.

The set up crew was hard at work at 6 pm tonite Chuck McKeever conducted a review session on top of the stage for moves in one of our songs.  Associate director Tony Colosimo did vocal and physical warm ups. 

The music team including all the assistant directors worked and reviewed songs for the Feb. 22nd show.

A chunk of time was used on the songs in the “Jersey Boys” medley.

Plus we worked in a session on our contest package for spring in Roanoke.

Meeting time announcements included:

Secretary Chris Buechler presented a 14-year renewal card, by mail, to Eric Wallen. And a 12-year card to Kevin Kaiser who is back after about a month in the Phillipines.

See Craig Kujawa for tickets for the Harmony Sweeps event on Feb. 25th when TBD will compete. DA CAPO will sing as last year’s champs.

Guests this week were Bob Griesemer, a lead applicant; John Oswald Greene, a first timer; and Tim Cash, from Mammoth Cave, KY, chapter.

After the break, assistant director Terry Reynolds announced the meeting location change for next week, reminded us that Geri Geis will be at the rehearsal on the 28th, and then after that we will meet at T.C. Williams and do a recording session. 

Mike Kelly told the members about our district Harmony College East, what it is about and how to register.  He stressed that the 2012 school will be quite different that the past with simple registration options and class tracks for those attending. Quartets can go too and get coached.  Go to the Mid Atlantic District website www.Harmonize.com/MAD.

Tony conducted the weekly barbershop craft session (craft = techniques).

The good singing was especially good since we only had two tenors most of the evening.

Thanks again to all the guys who went out and did the Singing Valentines.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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