Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking Back on the April 24th Chapter Meeting

There was lots of excitement in the air as the chapter awaited word about our special guests this week.  Producers of our appearance at Constitution Hall on June 19th came to tell the chorus member what to expect for this major important chorus gig. 

The Jefferson Awards are a nationally recognized event to honor major public service contributors to our nation.  The chorus will sing a segment of the show and also help with special tribute to honorees. 

Long-time members of the chapter related this event to the times we did the Kennedy Center Honors shows. Soooo – stay tuned for details.  Needless to say, this an all-guys on the risers event. A 6 pm chorus call at Constitution Hall.  Plan ahead and take that Tues afternoon off from work.  And get your tux uniform ready.

Before our special guests arrived, we were greeted to the risers with a listening session for the complete arrangement of “I’m The Music Man” as sung by Vocal Majority of Dallas.  Then associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups.

This week’s pre-meeting time was packed again with all the usuals including a good crowd on the stage to review their SP for the contest package, and this week they worked on moves for “Hello My Baby.”

When chorus director Joe Cerutti took over, the chapter sang him a rousing Happy Birthday greeting.

After our guests arrived and briefed the chorus, we sang a few songs for them so they had a live performance to enjoy.  Four of our musical team had met with the producers in the afternoon.

We worked a good chunk of time on “I’m The Music Man” with many drills on just the words.  Then we sang the song a few times.  And then Joe, as promised, pulled out an octet to demo how well the chorus is doing. Those guys were great and learned many cheers from their brothers on the risers.

Operations vp Scott Kahler, back from business travel, conducted this week’s chapter meeting.  Membership vp Phil Ashford introduced a line of applicants and a brother Toronto barbershopper.

Tim Buell asked some guys to help him form a couple practice quartets during the break to assist applicants working toward their audition.

It was cold, so the coffee and goodies were welcomed.

After break, assistant director Terry Reynolds reminded solo auditions will be held in the kitchen after the meeting. He also promised the new-member-boot-camp will resume next week. YeEd hears the new guys talking about the benefits of those sessions.

ALERT – next week’s meeting will be in the adjoining Jeff Houston School.  Best to enter via the cafeteria on the back side of Durant. (It is election day next Tues.)

Shows vp Brian Ammerman reviewed upcoming shows we should all have on our calendars. Big spring show is Sat. June 9 at George Mason. Just one performance. NEED TO SELL TICKETS in order to bring in chapter income needed for the whole year ahead. Drive all patrons, old and new, to Also sell ads for the show program – contact Chris Clark.  Idea: buy an ad yourself to salute or honor or promote some cause you work on.

Brian reflected it was too bad we did not have enough guys available to do a week nite show in Philly, as it was a good paying job.

He also reminded all to mark their calendar for the June 10th show in Silver Spring – day after our spring show!!

THEN there is the huge show date, Aug. 11th, in Lancaster, PA. Shows are at 2 pm and 7 pm for the American Music Theater.  Another show for all to attend! Thanks to Andrew Havens and his TOP SHELF quartet friends who are from the Lancaster area for the lead on this show.

Back to singing, coach Geri Geis arrived to fire us up on the contest package emotion and energy and animation.   We worked on the package til closing time.  We also got a good chance to watch the front row revive the 1995 rendition performance.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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