Friday, October 19, 2012

Looking Back on the Oct 16th Chapter Meeting

After such a successful fall contest weekend, no wonder that Durant was full of excitement and high energy. 

It was also the annual meeting nite and alumni were invited.  A good crowd of alumni joined us.  They were on the risers, as they desired, to sing holiday music and to watch the video of the 1995 gold medal package and the 2012 fall contest show. 

Allen Hanenbaum

Bob Wells

Bede Bender

Chuck Botts

Ross  Johnson

Dave Reyno

Dave Ermlick

Jon Abel

Jerry TePaske

Don Harrington

Bill Sowers

Pat Duffey

Martin Banks

Bill Aarhus

Jerry Kindred

JT Price

Royall Geis


At 6 pm, the work began to set up risers and av equipment, and a lot of chairs for the many guests. Plus the coffee pot was on early.

Assistant director Will Cox did vocal warm ups.  When he turned the riser full of singers over to director Joe Cerutti, there was a cheer for the successful contest weekend. Joe shared his joy again with the chorus for their dedication in recent months and the support and work by many.  He shared that he was proud of our performance by the 98 singers on the contest stage.  He shared too that we missed Ken Ives and Bruce Lauther who both had wives in the hospital. (Both men report things are progressing along now.)

And there was also a cheer for the many quartet guys who represented us so well at the contest.

First song out of the box for the nite was “Hallelujah Chorus” for the holiday show.  It went so well that Joe had time to work on a new song – “Sleigh Ride.”  Word is that we will be doing the “monks” card routine again with “Hallelujah” and there is a call for non-singers who can do it.

Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted a terrific lesson about the voice and vocal mechanism.  His maxim this week was working on “tall in the back and small in the front.”

Acting operations vp Mark Klostermeyer conducted the chapter meeting.  Chuck Harner explained briefly the Entertainment Books the chapter sells as a fund raiser.  These coupon books make us $5 per sale. Chuck can issue you books on consignment. There are books for DC, No VA, MD and Richmond regions.

Sandy Stamps is also issuing lots of White House Ornaments on consignment.  This is an easy sell as witnessed to YeEd last nite by a new guy who took some to work and discovered they were a hit.  He took 20 more in to work today.

Secretary Chris Buechler offered our 50-year history books to new members or anyone who didn’t get one. He also was selling left over teal short sleeve shirts at discount.

Then Chris presented membership renewal cards to Adam Bradley for 3 years; Edris Qarghah for 4 years; Eric Wallen for 15 years; and Jared Gollnitz for 9years altho he is a new Harmonizer having been a member of Kentucky Vocal Union.

Next the chapter secretary announced the opening of the chapter meeting; that he had received a slate of candidates; and no other nominees had been presented before the deadline.  Current president Steve Murane conducted the election.

Officers and board members for 2013 will be:

President - Alan Wile
Treasurer - Dave Welter
Secretary - Chris Buechler
VP - Operations - Bob Rhome
VP - Shows - Ken Rub
VP - Music & Performance - Brad Jones
VP - Marketing & PR - Scipio Garling
VP - Chapter Development (Membership) - Mark Klostermeyer
Member at Large (two positions) - Josh Roots, Greg Tepe (Nick Leiserson and Troy Hillier will continue on from this year)

Immediate Past President - Steve Murane


Klostermeyer continued the meeting then with announcement of a change in location for the weekly afterglow.  (YeEd reports: this week we returned to Theisman’s where we were well received, had our own room and waiter, and a good time for the 20 or so guys who made it.)

Josh Roots spoke on behalf of the Holiday Show management team with news that the Saturday nite show is almost sold out, Saturday matinee still has seats to fill, and Friday nite has a good number of seats to sell.  

Show team Nick Leiserson alerted all to watch for two important emails this coming week – one about the many props needed for the show; and a second one about getting non-singers signed up for the ‘monks’ project.  Nick also solicited volunteers to help on Friday of show weekend to decorate at 10 am.

Singing Valentine chair Calvin Schnure started the push for quartet sign up, as we will be selling SVs at the show.

Silent Auction chair Brad Jones suggests members start bringing in their donations for that auction.  Brad also thanked new member Carlos Correa for his work on making personal visits to  get donations from commercial firms in Alexandria.

Alan Wile reminded all the guys and the many guests to check out the notebooks of Harmo Hero

Before the break, the meeting continued and membership vp Phil Ashford welcomed all the alumni by name. Then we met the several singer applicants in house for the nite.

President Murane also announced that we have a chairman for the trip to France for the D-Day Landing Anniversary in June of 2014.  Past chapter president Ken Fess will head up the team to plan and coordinate that activity.

We had a long break to celebrate with our alums with special cakes decorated with a picture of the 1995 gold medal chorus.  Thanks to Kevin Kaiser for helping with the food and to those who brought goodies to share.

After the break, we watched the videos.  Mike Kelly reminded us that these videos are on the district website to be downloaded.

Joe made more comments about the contest work and invited the Harmo family to comment from the risers.  It was a lively and positive discussion and served as a reminder of the strengths of the chapter.

Then we reviewed three songs for next week’s recording session.  Usual time but at the First Baptist Church, 2932 King Street in Alexandria.  We will be in the sanctuary.  A new person will be helping with the technical recording work – a contact from the Pride of Baltimore chorus family, Cam Weiffenbach. Plan ahead for a new route and for rides from the Metro as it is too far to walk from King St. Metro to the church.

Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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