Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back on the Jan. 29th Chapter Meeting

This week it was so warm, guys arrived with their coats over their shoulders.  But again the hall was packed with members and guests and all of the equipment we use for a meeting.

Before the meeting, the director Joe Cerutti and the soon-to-be-announced visual row captains and Chuck McKeever met on the stage for a sneak-preview of the visual plan for the uptune.  Carlos Barillo is developing the plan and he and the team will begin teaching it next week, it appears.

The usual admin/sales tables were set up.  And the membership team was busy signing in guests.

This week’s listening time to get the guys up on the risers (which starts right at 7 bells) was a chance for all to hear the new contest ballad “All The Things You Are” arranged by Steve Delehanty.

Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups and then turned the chorus over to Joe.  First Joe welcomed some Bobs we have seen for a while – Bob Sutton and Bob Wilson.

Then Joe had the chorus bring out “Hello My Baby” for review.  And then he sent us to sectionals to work on the ballad starting at measure 25.

When we came back onto the risers, Joe was able to pull the sections together and start adding some of his interpretation to the plan.

Midway into the evening, operations vp Bob Rhome began the chapter meeting period. Ken Fess was the first to come up and remind guys the need to make those payments for the Normandy trip.

Chapter secretary Chris Buechler presented BHS registration papers to our chorus section leaders who are make up a registered quartet, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.  This quartet has been registered by the chapter for 26 years.  This year’s version of the quartet includes Rick Savage, Tony Colosimo, Ken Ives and Mike Kelly.

Then Chris presented membership renewal cards to Brian Ammerman for 19 years; Drew Fuller for 23 years; Bob Sutton for 29 years; and Don Harrington for 33 years.

Ken White made introductions of a long line of guests present tonite, on behalf of the membership team headed this week by Jeremy Richardson.  There were a number of applicants in the guest line; a large contingent of family members with Ben Roberts; several first time guests of Carlos Barillo, and some gents from others chapters visiting us.

Regarding membership, Noah Van Gilder reminded all about the Open Audition event on Wed., Jan. 30th from 7-9:30 to at Durant.  There are already seven signed up and the audition team can handle lots more. Encourage your prospects to go to to sign up for a report time and to get the details.

Assistant director Terry Reynolds confirmed that self-recordings should start next week.

President Alan Wile was pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 chapter Distinguished Service Awards that were presented at last Saturday’s awards banquet. They were reported in an earlier Looking Back summary.

Alan also read a letter from the M-AD thanking the chapter for its regular support to the District Endowment Fund – some of it is the result of the weekly monies collected in the 50/50 drawing (the winner gets half, the chapter gets the other half and it is sent to the Endowment Fund). The chapter donated close to $500 in the last six months of 2012.  He also reported on other gifts to that fund from a Harmonizer’s family.

Alan presented a check of over $1000 to the treasurer that was earned by the online Razoo donation program that allows friends and supporters of the chapter to make contributions.

Finally, Alan shared that there will be some Singing Valentine operations next month. Calvin Schnure will arrange for quartets to fill long-standing requests and already-received requests and any special requests the members might have.

After the break for coffee and goodies and various business matters and some tag singing and working with guests to get them set up, it was back on the risers. First off was associate director Tony Colosimo to give us another barbershop craft session on the maxims needed to be better and successful.  This session seemed mostly to stress ‘your voice matters.’

Then the chorus worked on “No More Sorrow” and “Great Day” for review and filming.

We sang and worked right up to 10 bells and rushed to put it all away again, so there was more time for tag singing and working with guests. During the evening, Sandy Ulibarri was taken to the hospital after a call to 911.  Joe reported at the end of the nite that she was stable but being kept overnite for observation.  Our thoughts are with she and Bob.

A small but dedicated crowd made it to the Hilton for an afterglow.

Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)


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