Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking Back on the Feb. 26th Chapter Meeting

There was a huge crowd at Durant early this week – like at 6. The stage was full of guys reviewing the moves for the contest uptune with our trainer Chuck McKeever.  The growing front row was hard at work in the lobby learning and drilling their very exciting uptune package. Guests were rolling in and many members offered a hand to set up the hall for our rehearsal and meeting including the cameras used by Chuck and TJ Jones to make the learning review materials we receive after the meeting .


Last week after the meeting, we all got the following note from operations vp Bob Rhome: There was an unfortunate incident at the Durant Center Tuesday evening in which someone apparently threw a brick through a parked car window and a cell phone was stolen. It didn't happen to a Harmonizer, but it has been a very long time since we have seen incidents of vandalism around our home at the Durant Center. Forewarned is forearmed. Please do not leave items of value in plain sight in your car while parked - - anywhere. If you see suspicious activity around the Durant Center on Tuesday nights, please notify me right away.


Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal and visual warm ups this week.  He turned the
“ready to go” chorus over to director Joe Cerutti.  And Joe was eager to welcome some SPECIAL FORCES guys with us this week – Bob Wilson, Mike Geipel, Kevin McKenzie, and David Ellis.  Joe also welcomed Geoff Berman back.


Next Joe welcomed Tom Lee, executive director of the National Theater in DC who was with us  to  evaluate the chorus for an exciting opportunity in the near future.


And finally, we welcomed with loud cheers and excitement Cindy Hansen who came to drill our uptune.  She also brought us David Ellis, her husband, to sing with us!


We went right to work on the uptune and sang and did as much visual as we had learned for Cindy. She quickly endorsed the work and creative plan we have gotten from our own member Carlos Barillo. She also complimented the work done by Chuck McKeever in teaching us the details of the plan.


When we broke from singing, operations vp Bob conducted the chapter meeting. President Alan Wile was first up. He welcomed Martin Banks as new chapter historian. Alan presented a framed photo of the chorus from the fall M-AD chorus contest to our director in appreciation for his hard work every week.


Alan presented checks to chapter treasurer David Welter that came from the Singing Valentine program – and especially from the work done by FOUR FROM THE HEART quartet.  Thanks Bruce Lauther and his fellow singers!!


Secretary Chris Buechler presented Harmonizer history books to newer member who did not have one yet. And new member Josh DesPortes received his first nametag from his Dad, David.  Great to have them both onboard with us.   Membership renewal cards were presented to Clyde Crusenberry for 3 years and to Bob Watcher for 61 years!!  That earned him a standing O from his fellow Harmonizers.


Bob Rhome reported that we have two riser rentals this week – thanks to those guys who haul and lift them.  He thanked Martin for the Harmo History board display this week.  And Bob suggested that during the upcoming break, guys get their contest pixs, get some 50/50 tickets, or get in an order with Chris Buechler for Harmo logo clothing items.


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer and Ken White welcomed and introduced the guests this week. 


After the break, we did several runs of the contest ballad.  Then back to work on reps of the uptune.  Part of the time the front row worked with Carlos and the chorus with Joe, Cindy and Chuck.  The drills were making a big difference as we all learned more of the details.


During the nite we also implemented the self evaluation and recording and review process with the help of assistant director Terry Reynolds. Seems to be working pretty well so far.

The Alexandria Harmonizers are proud to offer 2-3 scholarships for our members to Harmony University. This legendary experience in Harmony education will be held July 28- August 4, 2013. The University is held at Missouri Western State College in St. Joseph, MO. You can get more information at

There is one month before the March 26th deadline for quartet registration for the Southern Division contest... there's still plenty of time to form a quartet and get two songs ready for the competition in April, but you should be starting NOW! We have some chapter members with GREAT quartet credentials who are volunteering to help coach any foursome that wants to get on stage--and that by itself is a good reason to consider singing! Let Calvin Schnure know if you are in a quartet planning to enter the contest, or are looking for the 4th man (or 3rd man... or 2nd man) for that quartet. If you are a new quartet and have questions about registering, song selection, or anything else, please ask--if I can't help you, there are plenty of men in the Harmonizers who can.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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