Thursday, May 9, 2013

Looking Back on the May 7th Chapter Meeting

No doubt the chapter members were eager to get to work on their performance skills for Toronto.  Most of us participated at the very helpful visual studio sessions this past Saturday. A big thanks to Chuck McKeever, Carlos Barillo, our various visual row leaders and the “face” coach, Randall Eliason.


Still there was a big crowd of guys reviewing the stage moves at the 6 pm session on the stage; and the front row guys hard at work in the lobby at Durant.  Seems the list of front row participants had settled to the following 15 guys.  Congrats to all – including the newest addition, Ben RobertsKen White, Scip Garling, Doug White, Randall Eliason, Peter Hubbard, Carlos Barillo, Steve White, Josh Roots, Ken Rub, Terry Reynolds, Chuck Hunter, Mike Vlcej, Craig Kujawa and Chris Clark.


Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups this week. When he turned over the chorus to director Joe Cerutti, we were ready to get to work.  Joe welcome former member Bill Conway who sings in a Carolinas district champs chorus who will also be singing in Toronto.  Bill was in town for a work conference, and word is he is renewing his Harmonizer membership too!  Joe also read a letter from our fan Ellen who gave Joe some $25 gift cards for him to award as he wishes to guys who go above-and-beyond at rehearsal. (At the end of the evening, he presented one to Peter Hubbard.)


We did a little review for the recording session set for next Tuesday nite at First Baptist Church at 2932 King St. in Alexandria.  NOTE:  Joe asked everyone to come that nite, even if they don’t know the songs to record (he says you can bring the music), cause more the half of the nite will be used to follow up on our work on the contest song.  Joe also suggested we dress in short sleeves etc. since we will have the AC turned off so recording will be better.


We started on the uptune and then associate director Tony Colosimo stepped up with some applicable barbershop craft lessons.  Then he and Joe worked as a team to improve spots in the two contest songs.  There were lots of smiles as we locked and rang some important chords.

Tony also touched on some visual points as part of the musical performance skills.  A great session!


Before the meeting, there was time for self-eval taping and time for listeners to check more guys on the songs.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds orchestrated this session. Terry also pleaded with guys to make sure their attendance plans are updated on the website – since May sessions are mandatory, we need to know if guys are on business travel, etc.


Ops vp Bob Rhome conducted this week’s chapter meeting.  His opening announcements were (1.) Brian Miller recently received his PhD.  Congrats!; (2.) The Pride of Baltimore SAI chorus is having a tea May 18th – see Sam McFarland for tickets; (3) at break buy scrip cards to pay for your housing in Toronto from Carl Kauffmann who is covering for Ian Poulin, get 50/50 tickets from Dick and Carolyn Hall, order a Toronto polo shirt from Roger Day before cutoff date of May 21, see Ken Fess to pay the current installment for Normandy, sign the sympathy card Bruce Lauther brought in, and if your Society dues expire in June or July you should be sure you pay them early so you are eligible to sing in Toronto.


Chuck McKeever announced the final visual studio sessions will be Wed, May 8th at Lee Center at 7 pm.


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Ken White welcomed the guests for the week.


After coffee break, we had sectionals to work on unit sound.


And then worked and worked on the contest songs – especially the uptune with and without visuals.


We closed at 10 pm, put the risers and props and av equipment away.  Some quartet singing was heard and the section leaders auditioned another prospective singer. And a good crowd made it over to the afterglow at LaPortas.


President Alan Wile was on travel this week, but last week he announced he had received word from Gary Mankin about former Harmonizer and assistant chorus director, Dave Barton, who is in the Sunshine District Seniors champion quartet. Congrats Dave (a regular reader of our Looking Back column.)


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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