Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking Back on the June 4th Chapter Meeting

As you would imagine, all Harmonizers arrived at our meeting place full of excitement after the past weekend’s hugely successful retreat with David Wright.  And everyone was eager to demonstrate his retention from the weekend.


Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm ups and director Joe Cerutti turned the chorus loose to demonstrate how they were doing on the fantastic package.


Before the 7 pm chimes to start, there was presentation review on the stage with Chuck McKeever including work on “Great Day” which is one of the songs for the Jefferson Awards show June 19.


Speaking of the weekend, there were some Special Forces guys who stayed over the weekend to be here for Tues. before returning to their homes in other states.  And the Mascot of the Class of 2013 was on display with candles on a yellow/orange scarf!  Some say it has been named “Lead” – you had to be at retreat to get the gag!


When Joe got the floor he also thanked Rich Hewitt for his leadership as class president for the 2013 gang.  And Joe recognized Dr. Brian Miller for his super efforts to perform and entertain without seeing the director or any other performers on stage!


The nifty sign, “It’s Showtime” was back in place to help all of us focus on 5th row center!  Thanks Chuck.


We also sang thru other songs for the Jefferson Awards show.  And watched an Ambassadors of Harmony performance of “If You Loved Me” to see how another large chapter works on the risers with faces and eyes and bodies.


Operations vp Bob Rhome conducted the chapter meeting period of the evening.  President Alan Wile thanked all the members for their efforts to make the retreat a success.  He congratulated new member Duncan Woodbury who graduated last week!  And Alan recognized Ben Roberts who was nominated as a lead actor in a musical for CAPPAs awards in DC.  Ben will perform one of his songs from “Young Frankenstein” at the awards event at the Kennedy Center.


Alan reminded all that he is accepting contributions for angel support that we can give to any member who needs financial assistance for the Toronto convention.  That might be money, hotel reservation, convention registrations, scrip to pay for hotel, or miles for flights.


We took an abbreviated break this week so we could get in more singing.  There was the usual opportunity for taking care of matters at break like uniform purchases and getting a button from the FRIENDS IN HARMONY who met this week.


After the break there were more announcements such as caring for the contest and show uniforms, and a reminder that next week we will meet at 6:30 at First Baptist Church, 2932 King St. for a recording session until 7:30 and then a coaching session with Cindy Hansen in the church hall til 10:30.  A riser crew was recruited for then too.


And just as a teaser, the tickets are already on sale for the holiday shows in early Dec.!  Ian Poulin has them for sale along with the scrip cards to use in paying for hotel rooms at the Royal York in Toronto.


Secretary Chris Buechler presented new member materials from the BHS to Joe Krzysko and a Man of Note pin to Sam McFarland for his 23rd member!!  Way to go Sam. And welcome Joe. Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Jeremy Richardson welcomed each of our guests for the evening including a couple applicants, some family and friends of members visiting and some former members in to see the package.


When we went back to work on the package, Joe invited Sean Devine, a certified presentation judge, to offer comments and to help the front row.  Great to have one of our guys up front to work with us.


Before the end of the evening we did several reps of the package. Joe put out a 15-minute-per- day challenge – for each guy to spend that much time on the music and personal commitment.


After singing KTWSS, the guys loaded av equipment and props onto the Harmo truck for next week at the church.  The risers were returned to their nifty storage spot under the stage in Durant.


A good crowd came over to La Portas for an afterglow!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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