Thursday, September 19, 2013

Looking Back on the September 17th Chapter Meeting

The risers were packed as many men were back from travel, vacation and job things to get ready for the contest sing Oct. 4th.  And our meeting hall was packed with local arts folks using the lobby.  So that meant some changes to our routine with front row practice and such relocated.  Coffee and goodies were set up in the main hall.

We did have a crew at work on the stage learning their moves for the contest uptune with Chuck McKeever.  And the usual row of sales folks – Sandy Stamps for White House Ornaments, Chuck Harner for Entertainment coupon books, Jack Cameron for distribution of Toronto chorus photos, Bruce Lauther for distribution of engraved 3rd place medals, Ken Fess and Mick Stamps for collecting payments for the Normandy trip, and Dick and Carolyn Hall selling 50/50 tickets for the chapter endowment fund.

At rehearsal start time, the tech crew played the new “Saint Nick” song for us to listen to.  Assistant director Will Cox did the warm up session before turning the chorus over to director Joe Cerutti.

He welcomed many folks who are back on the risers after being good some, he welcomed the several men who were passed at the recent Open Audition session, and he thanked the men who helped with the recent small chorus gigs around the Metro area 

Here is a mini report of one of those events from producer Greg Tepe: “A great thanks to the 29 Harmonizers who came out Saturday evening for our performance at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Temple. Special thanks to our directors Terry Reynolds and Mike Kelly.
Big thanks to Troy Hillier for volunteering his time and truck to get the risers downtown, and to Bob Blair for meeting Troy at Lee Center and getting everything loaded on Troy's truck.
Thanks to Troy, Bob, Ken Rub, Alan Wile, Terry, and Michael Gilmore for showing up at 4:00 to help offload the risers and get everything set-up. Thanks to Steve Szyszka, Chris Yates, Chris Buechler, Alan, Bob, Michael, Troy and Terry for helping take down the risers and get Troy's truck packed.  It was a great evening. Our benefactor, Paul Dolinsky, couldn't have been happier.”

At the start of the evening, all new members since Toronto met with several chapter leaders for New Member Boot Camp.

Joe had the chorus work on the new and old holiday show music, plus work on songs for Normandy.

Associate director Tony Colosimo held a great barbershop craft session with further development of the Your Voice Matters maxim.  The chorus seemed to grasp the concept quickly and implemented the idea in the contest songs.

Operations vp Bob Rhome conducted the chapter meeting beginning with word that the special extra pre-contest rehearsal will be Thursday Sept 26th at First Baptist Church. ALL SINGERS SHOULD BRING THEIR BLACK SUITE COAT and THE GOLD SCARF.

President Alan Wile spoke about Jon Abel’s recovering process after the stroke. Alan again thanked the men who did the gig on Sept. 14th. He spoke too about the thank you note from Sean Devine and KJ Mcaleesejergins, from Harmony Foundation, after their visit with our chapter last week.

Alan thanked Jack Pitzer for the Harmo history piece that has gone onto the BHS website and blog.

And finally, Alan reminded everyone that chapter elections will be next week, Sept. 24th during our regular chapter meeting.

The following slate is submitted by our nominating committee (Steve Murane, chair):
President - Terry Reynolds
VP Chapter Development - Jeremy Richardson
VP Operations - Bob Blair
VP Music & Performance - Steve White
VP Shows - Nick Leiserson
VP Marketing & PR - Noah Van Gilder
Secretary - Chris Buechler
Treasurer - Dave Welter
Member At Large 2014-2015 - Ross Felker
Member At Large 2014-2015 - Michael Gilmore
Member At Large 2013-2014* - Joshua Roots
Member At Large 2013-2014* - Greg Tepe
Immediate Past President* - Alan Wile
* - Not up for election

Secretary Chris Buechler reminds us that per Society rules, there can be no nominations from the floor on the night of the election. These are Society rules and not local ones that can be waived. The 2014 board takes office January 1, 2014.

Randall Eliason asked again for each man to contribute two items for the holiday show auction.

Calvin Schnur invited guys to join him and other guys from the Harmony Brigade after the risers are put away tonite to learn more about brigade and sing some song together. They met in the lobby.

Assistant director Terry Reynolds will announce final singers needed for the Sept. 29th gigs singing for senior citizen facilities. He also asked guys to be sure their attendance plans are up-to-date on Groupanizer.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented a Man of Note pin to Phil Ferguson for bringing Dave Kohls, and a Man of Note pin for Dave Welter for brining Elliott Roseman.  Elliott was presented his new member materials from the BHS. Chris followed that with membership renewal cards to Carlos Barillo for two years; Chris Yates for 14 years; Eric Wallen for 16 years; Randall Eliason for 18 years; Don Thompson for 21 years; Chuck McKeever for 27 years; and Jack Cameron for 44 years.

Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer, with help from Ken White, welcomed another huge crop of guests that included several first timers, some applicants, some guys who passed their open audition, several guys who have been in other chapters and a number of family member guests.

After coffee break, it was back to work on the contest package with special efforts to rekindle the enthusiasm and performance energy we had in July.  Chuck McKeever and Carlos Barillo along with Joe and Tony made it happen.  Part of the time, Joe directed and Tony coached.  Every point was great.

We ended the meeting with the usual fanfare and invited our barbershopper guests up onto the risers to sing “Keep The Whole World Singing” with us. Bob Rhome invited folks to help take down the room set up and then come over to the afterglow at LaPortas.  A good crowd did make it including the three guests in the USA from Germany – two living with Lew Klinge and one with Ken Rub.  Our tag singers taught them a tag too.

In other news, it was great to have Jacob George back from his work in NY recently where he has helped with a structural design firm for the new Tappan Zee Bridge. 

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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