Saturday, March 29, 2014

Looking Back on the March 25th Chapter Meeting

It was a busy nite for the Harmonizers as we roll forward from the A CA CHALLENGE to the next shows and concerts.  There were a lot of important announcements, especially regarding the trip to France.

Chuck McKeever conducted a visual review on the stage at 6. A big crew of guys got the room ready for singing, coffee break and seating for the guests.

When the gong sounded at 7, we heard music by the Bowling Green OH University chorus.  Assistant director Will Cox did the vocal warm ups.

When director Joe Cerutti took over, he started with thanks for the great CHALLENGE event and we all enjoyed hearing about the many standing ovations we earned. Many men on the risers shared fun stories from customers or family or from their own observations. 

Joe shared his excitement that David Wright is coming to coach us next Tuesday nite and particularly work with us on “Stars and Stripes” which is one of the songs we will sing with the Ambassadors on the June 21st Crescendo Show.

Joe also announced that our friend and member Chuck Hunter, stationed in Turkey, has made plans to sing with us in France. In addition to Chuck, YeEd hears the following guys are planning to sing with us: Jay Butterfield, Bob Eckman, Jim Gammon, Don Johnson, Jim Kew, Alan Lamson, Jim Lucey, Jim McConnell, Dick Newton, Chuck Roots, John Santora, and Fr. Joe Witmer.

We worked hard on more songs for Normandy and we listened to a message from Gen. Dwight Eisenhower that he sent to all of his troops. This is part of the effort by chapter leaders to help us prepare mentally for our important mission in honor of WWII heroes.

Next, choreographer Carlos Barillo introduced his exciting visual plan for “Something About a Soldier” and the chorus grasped his plan and really was able to do it all from the start. 

Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted another important barbershop craft session for us.

Then operations vp Bob Blair began the chapter meeting for this week.  As promised, he presented the “Oops I Forgot My Nametag” large nametag to Rick Wagner.  Beware next week.

Creator of the A CA CHALENGE, Ken Rub, thanked all the many helpers personally (as reported in the previous Looking Back column).

Shows vp Nick Leiserson announced many details about shows coming up such as Crescendo,  June 21st. He announced that Steve Murane is handling consignment ticket sales for that show.  Get Steve word how many tickets you want to get.  Reed Livergood is helping with the project of hosting the Ambassadors in our homes – we need many more families to offer to host. Shawn Tallant is coordinating the afterglow for that major show and is about to announce the location and details.

Ken Fess explained many details about the Normandy trip, and announced that Peter Hubbard is selling the shirts for those who want one for the trip and is helping with many other details. Ken is expecting immediate responses to emails in order to make the trip a success.

Brad Jones is coordinating the Youth Harmony Festival event on Saturday April 5th for over 60 youth and several music teachers. We all need to help – especially to contribute cookies, snacks or goodies for the youth.  Bring these items on Tuesday April 1 or Friday nite April 4 when you come to help set up the tables and chairs and such for the event.  AND we sing on Saturday nite of the Festival.

Quartet promotion chairman Calvin Schnure encouraged quartet singers or prospective quartet singers to register for the Southern Division Contest in May in Roanoke. Calvin also offered to help guys find others to form a quartet.

Alan Wile spoke to the chorus about contributions to the Harmony Foundation, plus introduced a new Harmo item that is about to come on the market –  Harmo Logo cufflinks for $10.  The similar lapel pins are just $2.

Guys who need to update their mug shot photo on the board in the hall were asked to meet with Ike Evans at the break for a new shot.

President Terry Reynolds asked for good support for the Youth Festival, the May 17th retreat in preparation for Normandy; and suggested that hard workers like Ken Rub are the reason why “It is Great to Be a Harmonizer!”

Secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Bob Griesemer for 3 years; Joel Golden for 9 years; Harold Weinberger for 20 years; and Bruce Minnick for 37 years.

Membership vp Jeremy Richardson with help from Rich Hewitt welcomed and introduced the many guests present this week.

After coffee break, it was back to work on the risers including a successful first-time-through “Deep River” and work right up til closing time on other songs.  We did a performance of three songs that will be performed as a package.

YeEd forgot last time to report on the M-AD House of Delegates meeting held Sunday, March 16th as part of the Prelims weekend.  Our chapter president Terry Reynolds attended as our voting delegate. Terry Jordan reports to YeEd that he and a long list of other Harmonizers were also present including Bill Colosimo, Keith Jones, Bob Eckman, Alan Wile, Mike Kelly, John Santora, Chris Buechler, Gary Plaag and Sean Devine.

In other news, former member Mark Rodda's quartet ZERO HOUR earned a slot in the BHS contest in Vegas this summer to represent the Carolinas District.  Mark’s dad, Brian, was a front row Harmonizer for years and sang with the NOVA CHORDS quartet from our chapter who qualified to sing at International from 1967-78. Brian died some years ago, but his wife Ceil is an avid barbershop fan and lives in SC these days.  She was the first president of the chapter’s auxiliary group in 1966.

At that same contest, current member John Adams was in the first place seniors quartet, THE HARDLY BOYS.  He is a past president of our chapter and retired to NC. He sang with the NOVA CHORDS too and was tenor in REMINISCE  with Scott Werner, Alan Durick and Dick Whitehouse when they won the BHS Seniors Quartet gold medal in 1995.


Did you see Dick Dangel and Drew Fuller on the evening news piece Monday nite about the District of Columbia annual celebration for Centenarians?  They were in a quartet POTOMAC RIVER RASCALS with Bob Scarlett and Wes Kriebel who are members of the Harmony Heritage Singers.  Dick has been doing this gig for several years with various pick-up quartets.  He reports that the quartet made a lot of folks happy strolling among the tables to serenade the honorees and did a couple songs from the stage.  Good job guys.

Many guys were wearing special t-shirts in support of our buddy Rick Wagner as he fights thru the radiation treatments.

Thanks to the guys who brought in goodies (such as boxes of Girl Scout cookies) for coffee break. Contributions are always welcome!

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 66th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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