Sunday, June 22, 2014

Looking Back on the June 17th Chapter Meeting

Though it was really hot outside, the hall at Durant was cool – thankfully.  The guys set up all the risers and they were crowded as guys were eager to be back together singing after our trip AND to get ready for this weekend’s major show.

It was wonderful to be home from our awesome trip to France and Germany.  And good to see our buddies who didn’t get to go along – many of them brand new members who couldn’t be ready to go with us.  Also some men and Harmonizer friends are still in Europe. The chapter meetings on June 3 and June 10th were cancelled.

Now we are busy in preparation for summer shows in Alexandria after our huge show with the Ambassadors of Harmony from St. Louis MO area. 

The chorus was welcomed to the risers listening to VOCAL SPECTRUM quartet who will be on our show this weekend.  Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm ups.  Then we met with director Joe Cerutti via Skype. He was in Nashville at BHS headquarters.  He congratulated the gang on the successful trip and encouraged the guys to work hard tonite AND to sell tickets for the show this weekend.  Joe reminded the chorus that work will begin next Tuesday on the contest ballad.  So download it and get familiar with it.

While the AV crew had the screen set up and all, we did take a quick look at some of the video footage Mike Kelly has been working with.  He is working on a final summary piece.

Tony then had the whole nite to work with the chorus on songs for the weekend.  He too spoke of the important experience we had in France and Germany where we were entertaining and delivering messages to the audience.

Operations vp Bob Blair conducted the chapter meeting starting with a plea from Peggy Wagner, FRIENDS IN HARMONY helper, working to get every man a gold scarf for the show. 

Chapter historian Martin Banks was present to collect memorabilia from the trip for Harmo history collections. He wants everyone to bring in all those great photos, programs, and memorabilia from your Normandy, Paris, and Germany trip for the Alexandria Harmonizers History Archives. Items can be brought to chapter meetings and any items that can be scanned will be returned to you later. If your items are already in a digital format, send them by email to Martin, . Other members of the Harmonizer history team include Bob Blair, Jack Pitzer and Bob Rhome.  

Carl Kauffmann received a significant check from the VFW Post in Virginia Beach in appreciation for our representing the USA in Normandy. 

Chuck McKeever called for a meeting of the visual team at break.

Calvin Schnure announced the next chapter Put Together Quartet contest will be on Tuesday, July 29th.  He offered to help guys who wanna be in that contest but are not currently in a quartet or to help some guys who have parts for a quartet and need help recruiting new singers.

Shows vp Nick Leiserson reported several important details regarding this weekend’s show: The Flash Mob event call time is 5:30 pm on the East side of the Washington Monument.  Do not go directly to the WWII Memorial and do not wear any Harmo logo gear to this event.  We will sing “Stars and Stripes” with the AoH guys.

We are to be at the theater on Saturday at 12:45pm.  Note that there will be a break for dinner AND to change and put on makeup.  Wise to take advantage of the chapter’s offer to get us box dinners.  You must notify Howard Nestlerode before noon on Thursday if you want one for $15.  Or else bring something.

At the theater, we are to park in Lot K.  Note there is graduation on campus while we are there too and so patrons should come early.

Singers need two uniforms: the black suit with the Toronto tie and pocket stuffer, plus the special white shirt for that outfit; and the long tails outfit with white tie, stuffer, vest, and tux shirt.  Both require black shiny shoes, sox, etc.  Make up kit too.

Tickets for customers can be purchased at the door.  There is no planned afterglow on Sat nite.

Nick announced IMPORTANT other show information for all.  First, tickets for the Dec. 2014 holiday dinner show go back on sale July 1st.  Inform your patrons if you want seats!! It is already heavily sold.

And on July 1st, the chapter will meet and sing at Inova Hospital in Alexandria off Seminary Rd. 

President Terry Reynolds welcomed Tim Buell and Edris Qarghag back onto the risers as well as Rick Wagner, getting around pretty well with his cane and standing on the risers for rehearsal. Terry also congratulated Phil and Karen Ashford who were married while the chorus was in France.  Two of our members were engaged recently too and both got “yes” in response – Steve Murane to Robyn McQueen plus Chuck Powell to Donna DeJulius.

Terry did a belated congrats to THE MONORAIL FOUR for capturing first place at the Southern Division contest the weekend before we all left for France.

And finally, Terry congratulated three of our members who recently received CAPPIES (like the Tony awards but for high school students and their teachers):  David Jarzen for Best Song - "You Won't Succeed on Broadway, " Ben Roberts for publicity and marketing; and Peelee Clark as the teacher/coach for the Spamalot production at West Potomac High School which took Best Musical. Congrats to our guys!

Ben also graduated from high school today and he and his parents and grandparents were at rehearsal to celebrate that event too – and brought a yummy cake to share with everyone.  YeEd heard that the speaker at the commencement mentioned Ben had just returned from singing in Normandy.  Way to go Ben in marketing the Harmonizer brand!!!  Congrats again.

Before the break, membership vp Jeremy Richardson with help from Rich Hewitt introduced the guests with us for the evening.

After break, Tony continued working on songs for the weekend including a chunk of time on “Music of the Night” which we will sing with the Ambassadors.

Before we closed, there was reminder that if anyone knows of youth singers who might like to go to the show this weekend, alert Terry.  Also there is a board meeting Wednesday eve at Durant.

After loading the truck with equipment needed for the weekend, a good sized crowd made it to LaPorta’s for the afterglow.

Recently, the M-AD Harmony College East was held at Salisbury University Thursday-Saturday, June 12-14. Three Harmo quartets were there for coaching as they are all going to the International contest in Vegas:  MAYHEM, LAST MAN STANDING, and YOUTH RECLAMATION PROJECT. Several of members, who are district leaders were there to help with the school – Bill Colosimo, Gary Plaag, Alan Wile and Bob Eckman.  Joe Cerutti was there as faculty too.  Drew Fuller, Austin Cotton and Sam McFarland were there too.  There were shows on Fri and Sat nites with quartets at the school. The attendance was good this year and the chow was good, according to reporters to YeEd!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 66th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)


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