Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Looking Back on Harmony on the Harbor Show with Pride of Baltimore Nov. 3rd

(Thanks to show chairman, Ken Fess, for this wrap up report from the show.  He was far too modest to suggest how many hours he and Mick Stamps had spent on getting this show off the ground!) YeEd.)

Harmony on the Harbor was a show two years in the making, beginning in the summer of 2012.

Coordination with a dozen quartets, several choruses, Sweet Adelines International, the Cornet Club and the BHS, along with trips to the SAI conventions in Denver (2012) and Hawaii (2013), culminated in the presented show.

Show day began early for the producers, Ken Fess, Mick Stamps, and Carmel Tuttle, as well as Bob Blair, Greg Tepe and Mike Kelly, setting up the curtain, risers, lights and sound system beginning at 8am. A special thanks to the riser team that brought the risers, and also got them to the SAI chorus that was renting them from us for the week.  Bob Blair noted these at our last rehearsal. Also a shout out to Bruce Lauther who helped get the buses for Ronninge chorus.  

Preparations continued into the afternoon with Mick being assisted by Jack Cameron, Carl Kaufmann, Mark Klostermeyer, Dean Rust, Chuck McKeever, Don Dillingham and members of the Pride of Baltimore, setting up the backstage rooms and food service.

At the same time Carmel was assisted by her husband Tim, Dean, Brad Jones, Brian Ammerman, Bob and Sandy Ulibarri, and a couple of POB members set up the reception area for our VIP patrons.

Dixie Kennett and Mick were also busy setting up the quartet rooms so that each was prepared to receive our special guests. Nina Krzysko helped to get the ticket operation in full swing.

Beginning at 2:30 in the afternoon, with the able assistance of Clark Chesser, Brad Jones, Sandy Stamps, Kim Fess, Adele Jones, and several other POB members, the choruses and quartets began arriving. They were ably received and escorted by Bob Rhome, Dean Rust and Joel Golden. Stan Quick assisted with making sure the buses and shuttle vans knew where to park.

For the next couple of hours the stage crew, led by Greg Tepe, ran all of our acts through sound checks and stage time to ensure all was ready for the big show.

After a short meal break, we were ready to go. The theater rapidly filled up with the over 1700 patrons for the show, including nearly 100 high school students from the Baltimore area that were experiencing a barbershop show for the first time.

The show was led off by the Pride of Baltimore Chorus, with the Harmonizers joining them for the second song. Then followed MAXX FACTOR, 2011 Queens of Harmony; GQ, the current Region 19 quartet champs; and then the CZECH! IT OUT QUARTET from Prague (actually LUNCH BREAK doing an impersonation of a female quartet).

Then the Harmonizers hit the stage, presenting their contest set they used in winning their 25th Mid-Atlantic District Chorus Championship the weekend before in Wildwood, NJ, and earning a standing O from the audience.

THE VOCALITY and SPEED OF SOUNS quartets followed, and then LUNCH BREAK returned to present more of their craziness.

After a short intermission the fabulous 1989 Queens of Harmony, GROWING GIRLS, put on a great set to the delight of the audience. Then followed SPITZER, FRENZY, LUSTRE  and the ultimately crowned 2015 Queens of Harmony, BLING!

And then, to the surprise of the crowd, LOVE NOTES, the 2014 Queens of Harmony, gave us an unscheduled set, again wowing everyone in the place. And finally, The Rönninge Show Chorus crushed us with an incredible set, clearly demonstrating why they were the 2014 Sweet Adelines Chorus Champions!

WOW! What a show! The crowd left the theater, many of them headed for the afterglow nearby, buzzing about the great singing they had just seen. There were many responsible for the success of the show, but none more so than the producers and our intrepid stage manager, Greg Tepe. Thanks belong to all who contributed, to include all of those whose donations enabled all those students to attend the performance. (Ken Fess)

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going during the 66th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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