Thursday, July 23, 2015

Looking Back on the July 21st Chapter Meeting

In other news that happened before Tuesday nite, our a cappella group, TBD, performed for the summer show at Carlisle Park at 7 pm Thurs. July 16.  They were great and attracted a good sized audience in the park.  Mike Kelly was sound engineer and used the new mics to make the performance really fill the space.  Some other chapter members attended as well.


And Saturday July 18th, there was an all sectionals rehearsal at First Baptist Church in Alexandria from 9-noon.  Tony was overall director and then the section leaders worked in break out sections in various parts of the music suite at the church.  New member Tom Jackson was recently named as a bass section leader to join Andrew Havens and replace Jim Lake had left the chapter. We worked on songs for the Icon show mostly.


On Tuesday, the set up crew was hard at work early and the risers were in place by 6 pm.  Then the other crews went to work for sound, av, refreshments, membership, seating for guests, and a FRIENDS IN HARMONY meeting.


Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups and then director Joe Cerutti pushed right into singing on the shows for the Icon show in Sept.  He did welcome the many guests who are members of Barbershop in Germany (BING) who are staying in the area hosted by members of our chapter and several other chapters and Sweet Adeline chapters. 


After we sang a while, Joe invited Tony to explain a plan from the executive music committee (Cerutti Jr, T Colosimo, Reynolds, S White, Barillo, Kelly) to implement a Certified Singer Program for the fall and then the summer contest seasons. A pilot group of 25 will be named to start the process and work out any details before all members will be added.


Operations vp Todd Ryktarksyk conducted a chapter meeting.  Bruce Lauther is coordinating engraving of the Pittsburgh medals - so see him to pick up or drop off your medals. Just $8 to get them engraved with the logo and your info.


Craig Kujawa explained using our scrip sales program a new way – using your phone to buy scrip onsite at restaurants and stores when you need it.  He asked about interest from the members and got a good response.  So he will develop a handout about how it works.


Secretary Buechler has announced membership renewals for some long-time Harmonizer guys we don’t see at chapter meeting regularly: Scott Werner - 53 years, Don Johnson - 47 years, Phil Stern - 29 years, JJ Jackson -28 years and Dave Cureton - 24 years. Chris also reminded members to pay dues in order to be eligible to sing in the fall contest.

Josh Roots announced that when David Hood left for his military assignment, he donated his 2002 car to the fund raising team of the chapter.  Josh offers it first to any member who needs a car at the Blue Book price.  Contact Josh immediately as he plans to sell it on the market this weekend if no member takes it.

President Terry Reynolds welcomed again the BING members and reminded everyone about the BBQ picnic Thursday nite at 6 pm.  Be sure to sign up online so planners know who to expect.

Terry also promises that Icon show tickets should be on sale online by Aug.1st  - if not before!!

Finally Terry happily reported that the chapter has received a grant for fiscal year 2016 of $10,548 from the Alexandria Commission for the Arts and the Office of the Arts.  Thanks to Clyde Crusenberry, our community service chairman, for his work to submit the paperwork for this grant.

Membership vp Rich Hewitt welcomed a ton of guests this week including the singers and friends from the BING group. And then there were several new local guests in various stages of membership – first timers, returnees, applicants.  He presented Jeff Burkey as our newest member.  Rich also announced the next Open Auditions nite for Wed. Sept. 23rd – right after our Icon show.

After our break for lemonade and cookies and snacks, it was back to singing.  The Ladies First chorus from BING sang for us as well.

Another good sized crowd of members and guest came to the afterglow at LaPortas at 1600 Duke Street where there is lots of good tag singing for those who want to join in.  And there is plenty of fellowship and food too.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.


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