Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking Back on the Feb. 16th Chapter Meeting and Singing Valentines Performances

Chairman Calvin Schnure submitted this report to YeEd about Singing Valentine performances:

“The Friday evening gang called themselves "THE CONEY ISLAND HOTDOGS", which I think is quite fitting. Saturday evening was pre-formed from TBD. The rest I put together from the volunteers. Singers are listed from top to bottom – tenor, lead, bari, bass.



Friday afternoon
Friday evening
Saturday afternoon
Saturday evening
Sunday afternoon
Jeff Berman
Carl Kaufmann
Aaron Simoneau
Scipio Garling
Brian Ammerman
Randall Eliason
Clyde Crusenberry
Brian Ammerman
Noah Van Gilder
Ben Roberts
Ken Fess
Joel Golden
Harold Weinberger
Jeff Burkey
Chris Odell
Calvin Schnure
Steve Murane
John Smith
Terry Reynolds
Dean Rust

“Friday afternoon we sang for several senior activities groups, centers, nursing homes etc. Many were having parties and loved the cheer we brought. We also sang for a group of after-school kids at the Charles Houston Center. In addition to several polecats (we toned down the old schmaltzy songs for the kids) we showed how each part contributes its harmony to "My Wild Irish Rose", then sang with all four together. We even brought one girl up from the audience to sing a tag with us. She did a great job on the post of "When I leave the world behind" ("be-HIIIIIIIIINNNND!).


“Two noteworthy items were the Old Dominion Boat Club that the “Hot Dogs” did, and on Saturday evening, the quartet from TBD did many restaurants and clubs in the Old Town area.

As usual, FOUR FROM THE HEART, also sang Valentines over the weekend.  Bruce Lauther is the organizer for these appearances.  Friday’s foursome included Bruce , Bob Rhome, Joe Wagovich and Mick Stamps. They sang at two schools and also sang for Chuck Harner just as he was about to check out of the hospital after his open heart operation, and for Jean Wachter who was at home recovered from her recent heath matters.

On Saturday Bruce sang with his registered Society quartet, FOPAS.  Then on Tuesday, another version of FOUR FROM THE HEART including Bruce, Austin Cotton, Drew Fuller and Ken Fess did the annual appearance for the Kaiser Permanente Oncology department in Burke and McLean. 

After a snowy and icy start to the day on Tuesday Feb. 16th, the Durant Center was open and we were able to meet as usual.  It was a work-on-our-music nite.  The first half we did contest music on the risers. Reed Livergood did the vocal wam ups.

Important announcements were emailed to all members on Wed, but the major ones included: a reminder that we are the ones who have to sell tickets for the Aca Challenge event Mar. 28th; next Tues will be all work on “milk” music and will include choreography training; then finally, two important reminders about contests – Sat Mar 5 is contest coaching with Tony DeRosa and each guy needs to submit a recording and self evals for Phase 1 of the qualification process.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Jacob George for 6 years and Dean Rust for 36 years. Membership director Rich Hewitt introduced singer guests and new applicants.

And after break we did the music for the oratorio.  Rolando Sanz, executive producer for the Strathmore performances, was with us to help us get a feel for the flow of the music with the orchestra. Great to have so many extra singers to join us.

In other news, the widow of Past Society President Wilbur Sparks, Ibbianne, died on Wed. Feb. 10th. She was 96 and resided at Goodwin House West in Northern Virginia. Her daughter Nancy reports that the family will honor Ibbianne's wishes and hold a private grave side memorial service at a later date. Nancy's email is As most members will recognize, she and Wilbur were the an inspiration for members and their partners working together for the chapter – one major history note is that they mimeographed the chapter bulletin, The Echo, for many years and folded it and stamped it for mailing.  She was the major worker on the mailing project.

Carl Kauffmann was recently elected to the district honor club, DELASUSQUEHUDMAC  in recognition for his service to MAD. He was congratulated by many fellow Harmonizers who are already in that group at the chapter meeting this week.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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