Sunday, April 2, 2017

Looking Back on the Mar. 28th Chapter Meeting and Put Together Contest for 2017

Many men were early this week and you could find quartets warming up for the Put Together Quartet contest all over the Durant building.

The tag singers assembled at 6:50 with associate director Tony Colosimo.

Then at 7 pm, Tony formed the chorus in a ring and we worked on all of our music after he did the vocal warm ups.  He changed the circle order several times getting us in parts or sections. We also worked on some music we will sing at the Spring2ACTion on April 5. 

Tony was covering for director Joe who was out of the country.  Tony spoke about one of our new contest songs and played the learning track for us to enjoy.  This is the first of two ballads and two uptunes we will be learning for our trip to Harmony University.  The first one introduced is “I’m Here” from The Glorious Ones.  It was arranged by Theo Hicks and the learning track done by Drew Wheaton.

Tony also spoke enthusiastically about behind the scenes work with Dr. Barnwell and Ms. Garrett for several events coming up in April where we will be part of a community sing organized by Dr. Barnwell April 19th, and then a singing meeting with Alfred Street Baptist Men’s Choir April 26th at their church in Old Town.

Chapter executive director Terry Reynolds thanked Reed Livergood for his leadership on the Aca Challenge this past weekend in DC.   And Terry reminded everyone to be on tap for the Youth Harmony event April 22 at Durant.  We will sing that evening too.

President Randall Eliason reported that Bob Wells is recovering after his hip replacement, that Vince Cazenas is on the mend after a heart episode, and that donations in honor of Chuck Harmer have earned him a Keep A Melody Ringing plaque at Harmony Hall in Nashville.

Then Randall gave an important update or run down on plans for Spring2ACTion on April 5th including our party and sing and fundraiser event at Virtue Feed and Grain in Old Town.  Watch for his further instructions via email.

He also reminded guys of the Friday midnite deadline to sign up for HU.  And that if anyone needed financial aid, to speak to him.

Finally Randall announced the order of singing for the quartet contest to begin right after break.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Dave Branstetter for 12 years, Chris Huber for 25 years, Sam McFarland for 30 years; and Derrick Smith got his new member packet.  Huber and McFarland also got their lapel pins. 

After break we held our Put Together Quartet contest. Rick Payton and Randall Eliason were coordinators.  There were 12 entries including one quartet from the Frederick chapter (all chapters in the area were invited to send contestants). Will Cox was emcee.  Mike Kelly did the sound.  Tom Kern did the photos. Judges were all M-AD officials – Shawn Tallant, Keith Jones, Alan Wile and Bob Eckman.  Contest score keepers were Jack Pitzer and Chris Buechler.  There were first – third place trophies for comedy or regular contestants.

First place regular quartet was BUTTER FUN with Garling, Van Gilder, Berkey and Reynolds. Second place was LOW TIDE with Hertz, Barnovsky, Golden and Huber. Third place was EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION with Miller, Simoneau, Golden and Derrick Smith.

First place comedy quartet was HAWAII 4-0 with Kousen, T. Colosimo, Szyszka and Murane. Second place was BRIANS’ RULE with Miller, Ammerman, Golden and Quick. Third place was ORANGE CRUSH with Ammerman, Eliason, Rub and Chesser.

Joel Golden gets the unannounced George Azzam Award for singing in the most quartets.

Will Cox finished up the fun evening and conducted us in “Keep The Whole World Singing.”

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 69th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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