Friday, August 4, 2017

Looking Back on the August 1st Chapter Meeting
There was lots of excitement in the hall as guys arrived this week with talk about their travel, fun and working together at Harmony University in Nashville last week.  There was no meeting at Durant on July 25th.
There was a new set up this week too – the risers were backed up against the stage and guests were seated at the other end of the hall.   Great to see Bob Wachter in the house who came to check out our new sound after HU!
Will Cox did the warm ups and then director Joe Cerutti did a wrap up on last week’s spectacular experience and invited the chorus members to offer their personal reflections. Joe asked the men to send him their thoughts and ideas and reactions too.
Then it was right to work on singing the new contest songs. 
A big block of time was used to do riser placements for the 25 or so men who were not able to attend HU including some new men.
While Joe was doing the preliminary assessments, section by section, in another room, Chuck Hunter worked with the remaining three sections on the ballad. Eventually everyone had a new position on the risers.
The chapter meeting was conducted by executive director Terry Reynolds. We welcomed new dad, Tony Colosimo. He and Elizabeth have a new son born on July 26th, Christopher Frank.
Plans were announced for the big softball game on Sat. Aug. 26th with Hershey Parkside Chapter.  Ball players need to sign up for field positions.  All members are welcome for the social and fun event at a field nearer Baltimore.
Singers should mark their calendars and sign up on Groupanizer for the outdoor sing at Market Square in Alexandria on Fri. eve Aug 11.
Terry also announced that we will be singing “Deep River” in the fall show and it is available for review.
President Randall Eliason gave updates on family news from the chapter: Paul Durning, who was a member from 1984-2006, died recently and interment will be Aug. 10; former member Ben Smith and father-in-law of Steve White, fell and broke a hip, so Steve and Jerri headed out to be with the family; Dick Hall called and reported that he had spoken with Terry Jordan who says his doctors think he is making good progress in the rehab center and might get to go home in a couple weeks.
It was stressed that guys should also take action regarding their plans for the fall district contest in Reading PA, Sept. 15-16. Chapter hosting chairman, Ian Poulin, needs to know of any Harmonizers who can be there early on Fri. morning the 15th.
Membership chairman Dave Kohls announced that his team will be meeting soon to expand the membership operation for the chapter.  This week, Rick Wagner welcomed four singers as our guests – Seth, Ben, Nick and Will.
The chapter sang “Happy Birthday” for Carol Dangel.
Our International BHS board member John Santora won the 50/50 this week and chose a song to close out the nite from the “Chicago” medley.
A great crowd of guys made it to the afterglow including some of the new members and some guests.  There was lots of tag singing, good chow, laughs and stories.   Come join in the fun this summer at 1600 Duke Street.  Free parking too.
Until next time – editorjack!
(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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