Thursday, November 9, 2017

Looking Back on the Nov. 7th  Chapter Meeting
Despite the awful traffic and bad rain, and some folks being delayed so they could vote before they arrived, there was a big chorus for director Joe Cerutti to take thru their warm ups. Also there were a number of committee meetings before the start of the rehearsal
We (including 6th row members) began Tuesday's rehearsal with the Patriotic Songs for the Friday Nov. 10 Veteran's Day performance:  “Armed Forces Medley,”  “God Bless America” and “God Bless the USA.” We will sing at Oakton Elementary School for a school assembly as we have done for several years.  Call is 8:30 am.  Dress is suit and tie or military uniform. A quartet will sing the verses to “USA” and we will tag it out.

Joe was excited about the quality singing for the holiday show but passed along a hint that we need to help our audience experience the holiday music, not just listen to the songs. Joe got the idea from Dallas Vocal Majority director emeritus Jim Clancy last weekend.  Joe and president Randall Eliason reported to us about their time in Dallas attending a workshop session for seven large choruses from around the BHS.  The VM hosted the event; Randall got to sing on the risers; and Joe even got a lapel pin for having directed their chorus. Randall shared with us, “After attending the VM rehearsal on Thursday eve, we spend all day Friday and Saturday morning in meetings with representatives from five other top choruses and representatives from the BHS, talking and sharing information about common issues and best practices.”

Joe also shared a letter he got from last week’s music educator guest thanking us for the inspiration and fun of our music.

During the chorus work on Tuesday, we had a sectional on “Mary Did You Know” and choreographer Carlos Barillo reviewed the performance plan for “Text Me Merry Christmas” for all those who missed it last week.
President Randall shared news that Dave Branstetter’s father passed away the other day.
And Randall reminded guys to solicit gift cards and significant items for the auction at the holiday show.  We are not looking for flea market or white elephant items.  Gifts should be turned over to Randall or Don Dillingham.
Executive director Terry Reynolds reminded everyone that we will be in First Baptist two more weeks, and then back at Durant on Tues. Nov. 28th just before the show weekend so we can use the risers.
Private Voice Instructions resume next week with Vickie Dennis.  If you are interested, contact Keith Jones.
Chapter contest director Craig Kujawa reported that we are making plans for our trip to compete in the International Chorus contest in Orlando in July.  We were officially invited and currently rank fifth based on fall contest scores. Craig announced that members of the chorus will need to be purchasing their early bird contest registrations before Dec. 21st.  $249 each – a chapter member can buy two in the chapter block of seats.  Or you can get your own family group or such – same price and about the same deadline. Finally, Craig said we will need to know our room needs in Dec. too. So be ready to sign up.
Terry asked everyone to check the printed lists on the table in the break area regarding holiday sweatshirt info.
Also the chapter needs everyone to be sure their address and contact info is correct on Groupanizer cause we will soon stop using a Yahoo group for messages.
Chapter quartet MISFIRE is singing on a Maryland chapter show this weekend.  Their lead, Brian Ammerman is also our holiday show producer.  He spoke about the many ways to get out the word for tickets sales.  He reminded everyone to mark their calendar for the tech and dress rehearsal on Fri. Dec. 1st. He also thanked the following men for helping put up flyers in Old Town Alexandria over the weekend: Steve Spar, Dean Rust, Alan Wile, Frank Fedarko and Matt Doniger.
Chapter secretary Chris Buechler  presented membership renewal cards to Clark Chesser for 8 years; Shawn Tallant for 11 years; Antony Takahashi for 15 years; Bob Blair for 17 years; Troy Hillier for 27 years; and Jack Pitzer for 52 years!!!
Membership director Dave Kohls and Rick Wagner welcomed Nick Frederick and Carter White back as potential member guests.
Thanks to the several folks who brought extra goodies to share at break.
After break we worked more on the holiday songs.
The afterglow gang went to Ramparts.
In other news, the DC Chapter had its 70th annual Harvest of Harmony, Sat. Nov. 4th at American University’s Greenberg Theater at Wisconsin and Van Ness.  It was the 25th and final show for their director Bill Colosimo.  The chorus sang the first half of the show along with some chapter quartets (including one with Fred Peters, age 100). Guest artists included our own CAPITAL CITY CLOSE HARMONY CLUB, Knock Out – a SAI quartet from the area and DA CAPO.  Turns out this was the final performance for DA CAPO, also.  A good number of Harmonizers were in the audiences of their two shows in the afternoon and at nite.
And thanks to Don Harrington for taking notes for YeEd on Oct. 31st!
Until next time – editorjack!
(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd


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