Friday, February 15, 2008

Chorus Notes #6 - Chapter Meeting February 12, 2008

SIGN UP FOR VOCAL STUDIOS: Sun Feb 17 - 2-5pm, Thurs Feb 21 - 7-10pmBe sure to bring a recording device, pencil, and music to the vocal studio.

GUEST NIGHT: This coming Tuesday Feb 19
Don't be the odd man out, bring a guest to rehearsal!

RETREAT/COACHING - Fri. Feb 22 7-10pm, Sat. Feb 23 9am-5pm
Don't miss our special guest coach for the retreat!

Thanks to Dean Rust for this weeks installment of chorus notes!

Clap Yo Hands

- first note singers; be ready

- bass, "Chase the hoo do" (m 17): get the words right

- "You do" (m 20): on the beat, first "you do" in m 19 is syncopated.

- "Clap-a yo hands" (ms 29-30): linear singing; "clap" vowel is like vowel in "at"; make the "C" on "Clap" small and get right to the vowel. No fuzziness.

- "thigh. Hallelujah..." (ms 30-31, 54-55): Be ready to go on the downbeat on "Ha" of "Hallelujah". Entrance on "Ha" is too tentative.

- lead, "Come join me" (ms 35-36): need lots of linear singing, here and elsewhere.

- "send him to the devil. Clap-a yo hands" (ms 52-53): Jump right back in on "Clap..." after "devil." Sing it light, but sing it!

Mona Lisa

- "...or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art?" (ms 52-56, begins with lead-bari duet): watch the Director, take some time on "lovely", then break after "lovely"; take it easy on "art"; baris: more melodic on "or just".

- "Mona Lisa" (ms 56-57): you are crying out to her, but be restrained the first time, not too much, you should feel like you have more to give.

- Bari, "Lisa" (m 57): open sound with more presence when you jump to the high note. Have plenty of air and ready to give as soon as you hit the high note, then crescendo but don't lose control.

- "Mona Lisa" (ms 58 to the end): give more on 2nd Mona Lisa, but then back off. lead: have plenty of air, let it flow, don't shut down as you get softer, listen to others and match, unit sound.

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