Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guest Night


Last nights rehearsal was so unexpected!!! It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to go 10 miles, and many of you had a much, much longer commute (I need to teach some of you Virginians how to drive in ice and snow, my friends from Boston would've laughed at the mess last night). I thought we would've never had rehearsal, let alone a productive one! We started with a whopping 7 and ended with around 50+ and had a a surprising and very productive rehearsal. I hope that you all got home safe and I can't thank you enough for coming out in that weather and traffic.

I write you this email to remind you that we have guest night on Tuesday. Please be sure to bring a guest with you. It can be a family member, neighbor, former harmonizer, waiter/bartender at your local watering hold, bag boy at the grocery store, stranger on the street that was humming as he was waling past you, anyone!!! Bring a guest! The format of the rehearsal is going to be very different and geared towards the guests for the evening so be ready for a couple of twists and turns and be ready to showcase your best vocal behavior!
Please remember to wear a shirt with the Harmonizer logo and to bring some sort or refreshment, cookies, chips, cake, etc.

We will be performing, at the very least, Great Day and Music of the Night for the guests at the very beginning of the rehearsal so please brush up on those songs before Tuesday so that we can WOW them from the start!

Thanks for turning a horrible night last night into a fun and productive one! It's GREAT to be a Harmonizer!

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