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Looking Back on May 19th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on May 19th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Ye Ed heard this evening that if there is any member who needs a hard copy of a chapter issued song, he should make arrangements with chapter librarian Dick Dangel to get a copy.

The troops were there early to get things set up. Steve White was general in charge since K12 was on business travel. The risers were set up in a straight line format so the chorus could get used to that shape and change in preparation for singing for the Supreme Court. That means there is no room for front row movement and hardly room for Director Joe out front. But we have done a number of times and it is always a fantastic event.

Tony Colosimo worked a strong warm up session to help the chorus prep for their appearance this weekend in Reston at the Southern Division contest (and for working with Dr. David Wright, our awesome coach on ’08 who will also be our coach for the upcoming retreat!)

Lots of guests arrived early too and many men were busy hosting or helping them meet other guys, prepare for audition or find their way around the hall.

The risers were set up facing the stage so that our video crew could stand on the stage and then could record for visual training purposes.

The rehearsal included work on the package for Supreme Court Historical Society – “Battle Hymn,” “Armed Forces Medley” and “God Bless The USA.” At the end of the meeting there was a Moment in Harmo History reflecting on previous appearances in the marble hall for the Justices, the great foods, the fun trying to get pitch pipes thru Security, and recalling that every time we won a gold medal we had sung for the Court earlier that summer!!

Dan O had a good number of guests again -- some first timers, several from the past guest nites, and former members Chuck Botts and Phil Ashford

During the break, the chorus enjoyed goodies sent in by Ron Nelson’s wife and Ben’s mom – the chocolate cookies, orange rolls and Mexi tarts! Members also signed up for Anaheim t-shirts, signed up to help manage the Division contest this weekend.

Ken Fess and Mick Stamps took time to thank each and every guy who helped with the Spring Tonic. (We reported them in this column last week.)

Next week May 26th, we are to wear our teal casual shirts, black pants, shoes and belt. To sing as part of the first Choral Alliance. Joe wants the chorus there about 6:45 to be ready for 7 pm start. We will be joined by Alexandria Singers (directed by Tony’s Dad, Bill.) We will sing a couple songs and then combined with the Singers to do Joe Liles’ “Let There Be Music! Let There Be Love.”

The chorus worked on that song, and then concentrated on the contest package they will sing for judges at the end of the division chorus contest. There was time allotted for men to make tapes to turn in to section leaders.

Then they took some time to review and bring back “God Bless USA” and add interp and warmth to a song we have sung a lot.

Final event for the nite was a musical recording of “Great Day” in an effort to start doing this regularly at Durant and collect songs that might be used for a CD in the future.

The nite ended with packing up risers and equipment and benches to take to contest this weekend. And there was time for some tag singing and visiting, before adjourning to 815 S. Washington for our Tuesday nite afterglow.

Until next time – editorjack!

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