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Looking Back on May 26th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on May 26th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The chapter arrived at Durant early this week to get things set up and to be ready to sing as part of the Alexandria Choral Alliance. The chorus looked good in our teal shirts with black slacks and shoes. We were joined by the Alexandria Singers who are directed by Bill Colosimo.

The room was set with the risers facing the stage, but they were all the way at the other end of the room. And were set in a “straight line format” so we could get used to that arrangement in advance of the Supreme Court show.

At 7, the Alliance activities began and the Harmonizers were first up to sing on the risers. We sang “Great Day,” “Armed Forces Medley,” “Clap Yo Hands,” “Battle Hymn,” “New York New York” and “God Bless the USA.” Lazear, T. Colosimo, Joe Sawyer, and Wayne Adams sang the quartet intro for that last song.

After we sang, the chapter was presented a $250 Alexandria Choral Alliance Award for Youth Harmony Education. This was in recognition of the chapter’s successful Youth Harmony Festivals for the last two years.

Next the Alexandria Singers did a great set and sang and danced and entertained with show songs – many that will be used in their spring show coming up soon. Both groups also will do shows at Ft. Ward Park this summer.

The event closed with both groups combined to sing “Let There Be Music; Let There Be Love” written by Joe Liles.

Everyone was invited to enjoy refreshment breaks and take care of barbershop business.

Then when we were back in session, Director Joe thanked his chorus members for their hard work and dedication to run a good convention last weekend, and to sing well too! Then he got all the guests and members up on the risers for a concentrated session on the new contest ballad “You Tell Me Your Dream.” It is sounding so good already. Scipio Garling presented a scenario for all to embrace and remember. Joe asked him to do this to help clarify the change in the general plan that had been announced at previous rehearsals. This will be a message about young love and the way the two parties spoke about their feelings for each other in the beginning days of the relationship.

The contest work continued and Joe had the chorus do several reps of the uptune, and continued concentrated work on the ballad. You could also tell that the musical leaders were using the ideas and suggestions offered by the judging panel from the Southern Division contest.

It was good to see guests and new applicants on the risers digging in to learn (or keep from being trampled!).

Singing time ended with one more run of the Supreme Court package.

At 10 pm, we had our meeting time. Dan O introduced another row of guests – new guys, some who came for the show and stayed, some college guys who are home now and have some time to get into some music and an applicant or two.

Secretary Buechler introduced the two newest members, Phil Ayoub (Chris Granger of Hell’s Kitchen Chapter in NYC got the Man Of Note Award for bringing him into the BHS.); and Phil Ferguson (Dan O’Brien got his first Man of Note Award as his sponsor.)

Lots of our guys have Man of Notes Awards for going the extra mile in helping a guy join the Society. Guys with 10 or more are Sutton, Pitzer, Harner, Witmer, Darryl Flinn, Watcher, Plaag, John Adams, Scott Werner, McFarland, Buechler. And even more interesting – there are 101 of us current members who have at least one Man of Note.

Chris also presented a 25-year membership pin and renewal card to our District President, Gary Plaag (who I forgot to recognize in last week’s column who did the MC task for the Sat nite show). I also reported in last week’s column that Bob Wilson was a former member, but he is still a member.

Other renewal awards presented Tuesday nite were 22 years for Ike Evans, 7 for Steve Murane, 33 for Dave Welter, and 34 years for both Austin Cotton and Howard Nestlerode.

K12 took time to give details about the Supreme Court show but an email was promised with the very latest details. Important detail – bring a photo ID. The riser crew is due at 4 pm and when they were promised dinner, more hands went up to help!

We did a Moment in Harmo History reflecting the first time we won the division contest – in 1976, in Norfolk. Werner was director then and we tossed him in the pool!

Ken White offered chapter congrats to the third place and first place quartets at Southern Division – DOWNTOWN and DOWN A FOURTH. He also announced Eric Wallen is taking on the chapter quartet promotion duties.

Reynolds pushed for guys to get in their tapes to section leaders. Time is up.

A report was given about Carl Kauffmann’s surgery and health status. A tough one but he seems to be on the mend. Our best to him.

Mick Stamps and Ken Fess, show producers, surprised Ken White with a framed personalized Playbill in thanks for helping carrying the show. And darn if Kenny didn’t also win the 50/50 last nite.

The afterglow was well attended and there was a lot of laughing, some gang singing, and when Ye Ed left, a few guys were outside tagging.

Until next time – editorjack!

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