Monday, June 25, 2012

Looking Back Report on Harmony College East, 2012

Thanks to Keith Jones - here is his report from HCE.

YeEd -- Jack Pitzer

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From: Keith Jones
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Greetings from Salisbury!

Don't know if anyone else is doing for your "looking back" column, but
here's a list of Harmonizers who have attended this weekend. Among the
groups being coached were Harmony Heritage Singers (Mt. Vernon), TOP SHELF, MAD HATTERS, DA CAPO, YOUTH RECLAMATION PROJECT, and a quartet with Michael Gilmore. Several
former Harmonizers were also present.

Gary Plaag ran the Youth In Harmony Camp (41 participants) again this
year. Several of us coached quartets and others were here with Bob
chorus. Still others filled administrative positions
throughout the weekend.

Here's the list, in no particular order:

Wile, Alan
Jones, Keith
Colosimo, Bill
Colosimo, Tony
Adams, Wayne
Wallen, Mike
Wallen, Eric
Havens, Andrew
Butterfield, Jay
Gilmore, Michael
Wachter, Bob
Hirsh, Bob
Felker, Ross
Harner, Chuck
Plaag, Gary
Eckman, Bob
Price, JT
Fedarko, Frank
Fuller, Drew
White, Steve
Taylor, Rick
Cotton, Austin

Sawyer, Joe
Kelly, Mike

Harmoniously, Keith

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